Be the Hope, Be Inspirational

Was wondering what should be the topic to write on the last day of 2013, the year which is about to end.
I really wanted to leave the year with a good note, does not mean that I did not have a ‘roller coaster ride’. But what is life without an experience, an adventure to be remembered for. So the coming years I could share with some people to tell my adventure.

The last day of the year I would leave the day with two beautiful words – Inspire and Hope.

Hope is a beckon of light to which we all look forward too. Hope is one amazing word which sets us in motion, look forward too. What is life without a little Hope, Hope which makes us see the rays of the Sun when we are going through some stressful situations in a day or in Life. Commit to self and make the people one loves and want to survive in life see the Hope in Darkness. Dual not in hopelessness and never distress yourself with the similar thoughts no matter what happens. Being the Hope oneself shows a lot of Courage to combat the Fears we have to face today as well tomorrow. So be the beckon of Hope to thyself and to the people all round.

Inspire daily by watching the Nature how Sun comes out from the Shadows of the clouds, how the ants continuously bring food to their homes. How they carry the weights with a team work. How the herd of elephants is lead by a leader. How the Lioness protects its cubs from the strangers. Continue to Inspire self with the Hope and words which makes one move forward and moving. Stagnant is a person who cannot see the inspiration in the days of rains and storms. Continue to inspire self daily so that we can inspire a lot of people to move forward in their lives. Be the force to see the light in dark days when the Moon to does not shine.

Keep your lives moving no matter what one sees and has to go through, it is for our understanding and adventure what we go through is for us.

So be Hopeful and Inspire self and the people all round to be hopeful to be successful in the works of life. Be compassionate and passionate about your work and see the world following you and appreciate you in every way!

Finally I truly appreciate and thank all the Blogging Community in Inspiring me and showing me the Hope which has lead me to write and seek the adventure in the domains which I was never sure about. I have a lot to learn but the first steps were really tough but Thanks a ton to you all for the likes and followers that you showed me a way that I am doing something right. A Big Thank You to You all! Love You all!

Happy New Year! 😀


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