Education Empowerment

Education is a power which
many should realize
which makes a Society
move in a civilized society
Contribute in your own ways
to the education of many a child
who can improve the State at large
Be the drive which makes
education a need a must need
which every child and a family
understands which will not better
the child’s future but the Society
and Country at large
So whatever I have learned
should I not share with Children who
knows nothing about
Contribute to the education empowerment
Contribute to the Society
Because every child is the future
who wishes to see the Sun rays
no matter who is he


2 thoughts on “Education Empowerment

  1. I agree. Best way to control a race. Dumb them down. We must have education to ensure we know what is right or wrong. Thank you for the outstanding poetry and thoughts.

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I believe education can make any race better when an educated person being wise can avert a war and improve the Society a lot as we are all changing by every moment as a society all over the world.

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