A Unique Day Every Day

one day I fly
with the wind
One day I travel
by the land
Some days I
get energy from the Sun
Other days I
get light from the Moon
Each day is an unique day
by itself
no matter what I do
I see the Sun and Moon
in different lights
each day
Some days I get burned
from the Sun’s heat
so is the pressure test which
leaves me burned
Other days I wish to see
the Moon but wander around
the dark sky with lots of
Some days I get drowned
by the force of water
Other days the wind blows
too much to stand still
So is the Pressure Test
so much weighing at times
I encounter that leaves
me with the thought
Am I on the right path
or drowned by my own thoughts
But there comes Hope in terms
of Angels like the little
stars and air and
I start acknowledging
that God surely
is with me
in my Heart
Encouraging me to follow
My Path


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