Approach Life With A Difference

Give the world something so deep an impact to hold onto that when you are resting in Peace in the grave the whole world fondly remembers you in the sweetest note and tone that once you shared your valuable time with all the people known and unknown to you. The strangers to think with all the pleasant memories of you and say that you made their life enjoyable, approachable watching not the two dimensional aspects but the three dimensional aspects. What is life merely a place where one can live with hard work and enjoy life with the loved ones, but certain individuals live their lives in a greater ways not only sharing and earning like the majority of the people but they just do that extraordinary work where they know what they are sharing with all the people at large. What is the huge difference they are doing and making their approach towards persons that are making and changing the lives all around them that are surrounded and come in close count with them.

We all reserve our view points and opinions to ourselves lest we hurt the sentiments of certain other person or the person who can be benefited from the advice. But such is the world of today that we try not give or share that piece of information or opinion to ourselves. Given are the circumstances which makes us less trustworthy and faithful towards lives of others. We would rather be doing every thing fun with those people around but we will run away or shy away from making the major difference in those people’s lives. The trust is such a word which can make a person and tear a person apart. What is followed by that is fakeness or genuinity of the person involved which comes under question. Lucky are people who have good instincts and the risk taking factor which makes them sure that they are going on the right path, and if not they will change the course of direction. What is the direction if it has no curves and U-turns and sharp turns.

Giving a closer look towards the lives of people who make a huge difference are the persons who made the right choices not only for themselves but people who were there around them also the strangers.What is the beauty or the charm in them is the mere value that they go with the flow and have learned from many a people who have crossed their paths so is the situations in their lives that they become the ‘Candles in the people’s lives that they happen to pass by’!


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