Be An Angel In Someone’s Life

Be an Angel in someone’s life
be the one who can have
you as the support and empathize
be the angel in someone’s life
to be the best in uplifting
the moments
when someone is having the hardest
times of the life
lift up with all the positive quotients
be the angel
because in this life make friends
to be the support
leave the impression and image
that no matter what when in
dark days when the sun is shining
so bright
leave no stone and leaf turned
to be the sunshine
in someone’s bad days
because that someone might not ask for it
for many unknown reasons
but be there for the support
be the angel
not to be appreciated
but to make the effort
to be there to make
the hard days less cruel
walk the distance
to make the difference
to be the support
and make the situations
less negative
comfort, empathy and positive vibes
are always present in every person
but we are so much entangled
in our own world
we leave those persons
to struggle their battle
leave not them alone as we
are never left alone in hard times of ours
make that difference
be an angel not in one person’s life
but many lives!


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