Insanely In Love

Insanity of a Heart
happens when I followed
your every word
blindly to tell you
understand your pain
when no one cared to listen
diluted your pain
to the extend where I lost
my sleep and cared only about You
I was Insanely in Love with You
You gave all
kinds of guarantees and warranties
but did those words
see the daylight of Today
It could never see the day
which you took out
the day when you set
your eyes on the other
not understanding that I can read
your Mind and Heart
I could read your words and actions
and lies
that you repeatedly, repeatedly
wanted me to believe in
How should I have trusted you
when I was so insanely
in Love with You
Your actions and words
were two different
to make be have the
same faith that I Once had in You
You turned out to be
which I never could have believed
so much was My pain that
I lost my faith, belief and Trust
in Love


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