Love Is Not Rocket Science

Love is not Rocket science
So do not go blind
about finding the Right
Miss or Mister
In the looks
Do not be unhappy
if you are not able to connect
with that particular
Prince or Princess
you set your eyes for
Life is not so hard and
it is surly not to hurt us
It is an experience
and a learning it wants
all of us to give in
series of Examples
to find the right blend
of green veggies
red berries
and carrots
in the right amount
so that we are able
to drink it with
great appetite
Wait and have
Patience for the
Right person who surly
is somewhere looking
for You Too!
Do not jump into
the bandwagon
and go for the Ride
with the person
who is not at all
your Heart knows you will
not be compatible with
So Once again
Love is not Rocket Science!


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