Inspiration Within OneSelf

Happy as a Child to accept the Awards. It is really amazing getting goodies for good work shared and people across the Continents inspire and give a lot of patience to an Amateur to be understand and develop in the chosen field.

It is appreciable and incredible and Inspiring how many people wants to share the knowledge and patience in the creative field.

If it was not for the first baby steps I had taken with the help of coaxing of my Dear friend I would not have seen this Day that is for sure. Love You for that my Dear Friend. 🙂

Inspiration does come from the needs one has or the neccessities one has or the struggles one had or the Nature or the mind and Heart is giving into.

Whatever the flow of inspiration might be, what really is important that One should not forget about the dream which is holding so dearly. The day might be a struggle but at the night there is the Full Moon and the stars which gives the Light that shines above the sky and the crickets which are singing the song which can never be heard in all the humdrum of the Noise. Leave no stone or a pebble unturned when one knows what One wishes to be be what has the world or the Society to do if they donot understand the vision One wants to create. Why did I mention the word Create because it is Creativity which makes a person sleepless and follow the dream so insanely that the friends sometimes make fun of you. But within Heart One knows what one is set to do so keep One’s will power strong as well be determined because without these two words One might not be able to reach the middle path of the vision one sees and has insight off!

The other word is the Focus, never lose the focus the Aim one watches Self in that light which is making one follow the path in the deep dark forest. It is terrifying at times to be alone in the forest all by self because sometimes creativity asks for solace which One needs. It has nothing to do with the nature of the person that is – introvert or extrovert. We might be what ever natural traits and characteristics we are but when it comes to creative forces One surly needs Solace the need to be with oneself and Nature most of the time. Great poets, story writers and musicians all creative geniuss’ found solace within themselves and Nature so that create poems, stories and music which we all love till date. I am sure most of you will agree with that.

So keep inspiring yourself everyday, never forget to be in tune with the positive forces which we all have within self. Forget about the people who mocks us they have no idea what we are upto so let them find their own solace and peace.


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