Survival Of The Fittest

Survival of the fittest happens only when a person has attributes which makes the person change, transform and adjust in severe conditions around the surroundings. The changes only are not physical mostly, but more in thought process. How does a person see and observe and adapt in times worse.

The greatest example that I always see are the victims who are the survivors of the Holocaust. It is a bitter experience for the people who had experienced. Nothing worse than that has ever made me have jitters when I watch any movie about it. But to see the people who survived is what is worth learning to me. How does one keep oneself composed and patient and tolerant to all the injustice happening which was so inhumane. What really makes me think is that the people who survived brought in themselves the skills which made them to modify and learn techniques to keep them surviving. Yes, I do believe in destiny but what really has kept the destiny of those who survived is the adaptability to change and transform at that bitter period of time.

What makes or breaks a person is the ability to change, adapt, patience and tolerance. Patience arrives too many who were never patient in their life but something really changes and makes them think that the need of the hour to keep going is to change or transform with patience.

Life will never remain the same for many a lot of people who were survivors of the Holocaust. What really is more important is the fact that the people were very positive to be able to keep themselves in the surviving conditions. What affects Life is how one changes in times which are not pleasant in any form. I am sure many of us have seen experiences in Life which we still feel ‘why me, God?’ But God wanted to see are we worth the people and so the experiences which were more of a learning experience for most of us. I am sure we all have a tale with us! 🙂

Do not surrender and say fine I will not leave and so bring the beautiful life to an end. Instead work on the aspects which can make you the ‘The New You’. Suprise the people who never thought you could transform for the better of yourself and surely not for them! Remember that. Question is not will you work on it but the question is how far can you take it.

My experience with the bitterness was that two years before I always thought will I ever Smile. It became the biggest fear I will never smile again, I watched humour and could never laugh so yes, the pain which drifted me most of the time to some Lone island. But something hit me I reconciled with thy self and yes I know within that I ‘transformed’ not even changed. I laugh and can joke around make the gloomy ones happy and keep the positivity within me and around the people who are drifting to that space. It really took time to transform to see self in the mirror from 😦 to :-)! Glad I could make it. The best part is some of my friends are like ‘how did you make it? We thought you might never make it.’I just answer ‘I am a great fan of POSITIVITY!’ :)That is kind of survival where one might just not know in deep thoughts an weak point can think of taking away the breath which God has gifted to do better things.

So I end the story of the survival skills with survival instincts where One will have greater positive thoughts and germs intact that one will adapt, be patient, be tolerant to the surroundings, will learn skills to be a Hero oneself, to fight fear and take every measure to survive!


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