My Thought Process In Progression

Sometimes my head runs with so many thoughts where the words are running from the left lobe of the brain in the neurotic search of a better counter-part to do the research on my right lobe of the brain cells which seems to be less focusing or might be least interested on a particular ‘uneventful day’ to speak of! Dreams seem to be scarce and find that I am dreaming the same episode again and again, making my mind have a thought what is the matter that my creative juices have run out off which is great needs of nourishment from the Nature. There are days when I end up speaking way to much which is less focused and intended on doing something resourceful rather than discovering the new actress and their fashion statements to be discussed without much of a choice.

I would rather like myself to be alone at times for hours so that some particular and refined words can pass through the window and I can catch it like the ‘fire glow worm’ start playing with the idea. How incredible will be my life without the words which I need to keep on experimenting with all kinds of other words to make it sound alright as I am by no means a Perfect person so my words are not perfect. I seriously have dull moments where I can not think of a beautiful word which can be played with least written about. I end up with days where I just do not want write a word where I get way too moody or lazy! Yes! by all means I am born with these two important qualities to keep me ‘moving’! 😉
Rest assured I believe in the determination of ‘The Terminator’ where I can set a goal plan for the couple of days work on I earnestly.

So it is the right lobe of my brain that is making me write all the words or to please I would mention it is ‘helping’ me as I am a Right-handed person!

My best topic of thought process where I keep floating with buoyancy is If Sir Issac Newton did not find out the ‘Gravitational Laws’ than how would I know that birds will never fly under the water and fishes will never swim in the Sky. The apple will always fall on the ground when it is rotten and not when it young and ripe! 😉


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