Dr. Jekyll In Day, Mr. Hyde At Dusk

I live with the deceitful humans in the metropolitan cities who want to make females to compromise at any cost so they can have fun and still look good with their families where their wives have no knowledge about their wrong doings. They (wives) believe that their husbands are so good as husbands, sons and dads that they can never do anything wrong like making a female’s life’s hell to the point where they have to surrender or crush their souls from believing that man are good.

The man are mostly the individuals who are Dr. Jekyll and by the dusk are Mr. Hyde. So is the plight of women folks that they do not know where to go for find a rescuer. Imagine the situations where even the people who are in the service of the protecting the women are even involved with these people who never even take the responsibility of saving the females. Writing a complain is a bigger task where the ‘Character’ of the female is QUESTIONED!

I live in a society where One has to go through tolerance day by day so that I only learn to be patient and strategize to make the motives of these evil men to be known. I am a women of the 21st century. I am a daughter, a girlfriend, a mother, a sister whose Soul is always all is at stake where the character is questioned all is left to tolerant the evil people since the finger is raised by the Society. So the Society is the One who worships the Female Goddess.

Nothing but Hypocrisy at its brim!

# I here is the Voice of million of females who suffer silently from ages.


4 thoughts on “Dr. Jekyll In Day, Mr. Hyde At Dusk

  1. As a father of a young daughter I feel scared. Belonging to the the gender you rightly called out for their hypocrisy, I feel ashamed. Like a woman who is a daughter, a sister, a mother, a wife, so are the man – a father, a brother, a son, a husband but why do we became the animals who forgets all the norms of social conducts and for what?

    My request to you would be never to let even a slightest incident go unaccounted. It gives the perpetrators more confidence to carry out bigger crime when they feel they can get away with smaller incidents.

    The repercussions doesn’t matter, anyone who does something wrong must pay for those deeds. That’s the only way of creating a law abiding society.

  2. My pleasure that you liked the article, it is a submissive society that we all live in. We the girls did not to provoke men and still we are blamed for many things. That is called injustice.

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