In The Name Of Persuasion

In the name of Persuasion
it no longer remains a Game
when two Hearts come in contact

The first day I saw into your eyes
I knew I never connected to your Soul
I tried to searched, perceived my True Heart
Into the belief that My Soul connects with Yours
But it was in VAIN!

I should have known because Hearts never Lie!
My poor Heart(not self-pitying) always tried to be happy around You
Happy when You were Happy, Sad when You were Sad
But similar thing never happened
when I was Happy, You were not;
I was Sad You went ahead being Happy for your matters

I just took way to much time, wasted couple of Light years of my Life
To understand that I never connected to Your Soul

My Belief and Feeling became stronger
that Love never happens at First Sight!


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