Balancing Act

There is Definitely no definite in Life
If One does not keep Balancing the Act in Life
Life will keep on tumbling Us in places
from being Clueless to giving Clues
to keep us moving from One definite position
to another no definite situation in Life
It is how we impart our Commonsense to Balance
the Worksheet of our Life

From the fickleness to being Confidently Sure
From the Confusions and Doubts
From Judging to Criticism
From Imperfection to Impulsive

We learn, some learn, some Never Learn
We observe, some overlook the observation, some never observe
We listen, some hear, some have no time for Either of the two
We care, We nurture, some take the both and Leave us in Pain when we need them

Life is not Miserable, its Balancing
Its letting Go the Negativity which is holding Us
from Moving ahead, No matter what we need to keep moving
If we meet with the same Grey shades
One should learn to balance them in their Right positions in our Life

Never Doubt, give the benefit of doubt as things will always fall in places of the Maze
Never surrender to the Evil spirits when One knows what Intuitions is the Fire, Water, Earth and Wind!


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