Emotional World ~ii~

I can keep Myself afloat, but I want to drown

diving in to the depths of the emotions

let me see the deep, dark or colored world of emotional world,

My light suddenly dims

I can see nothing in darkness

It is suffocating, I am breathless

I can not feel the tunnel,

It has no boundary and no limit of its existence,

There are monsters in the emotional world, so have I heard,

I have a power or a boon to help Myself out,

I still cannot feel the ground

My light has diminished 

I am keeping the last charge of light, if in case!

I encounter a Monster -it seems so!

what do I know about its weakness or strengths?

Will it be my friend?

I feel it is touching my Soul

So powerful is it’s touch!

My Soul starts backing away in ‘self-defense’!

I can sense it breathing, I can hear it’s inhale and exhale!


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