Emotional World ~iii~

should I light the torch to see the ‘thing’,

Oh! I should have known it is an area of unknown,

But I was the one insisting to come here,

I know I could keep with it or was I wrong?

I can keep Myself afloat but I wanted to drown,

I do have choice 

I can feel the warmth of the heart of the ‘thing’

breathing besides my ears of My Soul,

I light my charge of light

There I see some form of eyes watching me into my eyes.

Eyes as beautiful I could not have thought off!

Is it a disillusion, hallucination as some say it.

Is it a monster or some one like me wondering around

or lost and could not find the path out of the Ocean of emotion world?

without much a thought I as intrigued and prompt came a question

“what are You?”, “are you lost?”, “do you live here?”

In my mind I am still wondering

Do you understand my language!!


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