Answers You would Never Understand

If You could understand –

You would not have questioned Inequality

You would not have questioned Control

You would not have questioned Ego

You would not have questioned misuse of Power

You would not have questioned “Why”

at the first place!


6 thoughts on “Answers You would Never Understand

  1. Say it any way -‘Fighting inequality -as part of nature…fighting for implementation of equal rights’ has to start from somewhere and that start shows the roots which are passed on from centuries. Every man in India is not Raja Ram Mohan Roy to Kailash Satyarthi!

  2. Inequality means that femals bear children and males don’t. So, how could that be fought, I wonder?

    Thus, it’s not a matter of inequality, but of realising the differing responsibilites going along with either being female or male.

    And even if the people of the past might have been unable to realise such distinction, that shouldn’t pose an excuse to contemporary mankind. Today we know better, and should act accordingly. Whatever happened in the past, can’t be changed, anyway.

  3. Inequality for Me has nothing to ‘bearing a child’-that is not a presentation of ‘Inequality’.
    Appreciate your comment.
    I am very much speaking about ‘Present’ efforts put in actions- You have to understand why female foeticide happens? why girls have no right to their freedom, liberty to their own Life!
    Anyways appreciate your support of words. -Sagarika

  4. I very much understand those things and I feel with each and every woman who has to suffer such horrible fate.

    To help improving these matters, it, however, doesn’t help to describe them with the wrong terminology, because a wrong terminology just helps to support the status quo and those supporting it. Whereas the important thing is to CHANGE the existing status quo.

    Thus, in reality all this suffering stems from an understanding NOT to grant the same unequivocal RIGHTS to each and every human being. This means, once an enforceable equal right has been established and is being upheld by the courts, injustice shall disappear, hopefully.

    Just check upon the meaning and ethymology of inequality and equal rights.

    Take care and thanks a lot for this most interesting discourse,
    Salva 🙂

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