When Death stands with its open arms to drape in its Black cloak, No one can deceive it with Honey quotations!


One thought on “Deceiving

  1. Death is Snow

    Death is upon her. Death is persistent. Death be not
    proud. Death is a series of twitches, days worth.
    Death is snow. Death moans and screams. Death
    is not easy, death is not random, death is not timid,
    death runs on time; death hangs in the air, then
    dives from on high, but not always that quick in the
    suffering phase. Death is Catholic. Death is not
    pretty. Death is white. Death is ginger ale, death
    is dehydration, death is omniscient. Death leaves
    bills to pay; death does not smile or frown. Death
    is a whisper. Death comes fast for those in a hurry.
    Death waits at the doorstep, greeting old friends.
    Death reunites, tears asunder, acts as the final good-bye.
    Death motivates. Death inspires. Death has its own terms.

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