Evolution Of A Life

Life is not to Pity, it is not to Disdain

Life is not to Beg,

Life is all about Finding an Adventure to live it!

It is about Finding the Courage to Encourage!

Life is about Finding the Symphony in the Song!

Whatever we find in this Birth

will become a Legacy, we carry on after Death!
We Bring nothing when born, we Take nothing when Dead

Still we bring Joy, Happiness, Peace, accomplish

We dare to Dream, Envision set a Goal, focus

as a Determination to the Avenues, paths

Follow the Stars where we are Destined to be!

We walk the Mile as long the Faith in depth,

We are & we will Be!

Life is all about the Vision of the Birth of the Star with eyes wide open!

while making it all we break, we crack open our shells, we fall, we Evolve!


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