A Gypsy In The Metropolitan

It is been ages living in a Metropolitan city, every resources to avail to the latest ‘Brands’ to the Desi Vibes.

One comes to understand that a Metropolitan city is a cosmos where open minded and like- minded individuals move around. So was My belief when I came to the city pursuing Higher education  to the Euphoric moment of joining the Job dreamt off.

Later I started  understanding amidst of all the enjoyment of going to high-end places  to enjoy weekends  and meeting different sects of individuals, no one is not ‘open minded’, their Windows of their Minds are totally shut down.  It is not what we clothe and drink that makes us, it is the inner self that makes or breaks us!

Living the life with stereo-types and mindsets which will mostly never Change is hell of a living. At the beginning I surly shared every open minded thoughts but latter on I shut my ‘Mouth piece’.

There is too much of trying to ‘Mould’ or set anyone into a ‘Pattern’ of Monotony!

I know enough Individuals who are open and do not fit into any schedule except when they go to job which is 9A.M.-5 P.M. One needs to earn, no one pay the bills!

Acceptance of  individuals if they say – they are not decided what career they want to choose becomes a serious question it is more of a pride of the Family towards the Society rather than the Individual studying or earning Money.

 Many Females if they say that they are ‘not decided to when they want to get married!’ is kind of not following some pattern and comes under SCANNER of the Hubble Telescope! The females when they are born are always and mostly treated in a way that they will leave their Parental home and live her life with her Husband. She will be questioned why she is not marrying to be discussed if her Reproductive organs are fine or outdated that she will not be able to give a Heir to the family she gets married!

Breaking away from the ‘Monotony’ is  questionable!  One will be put as an outsider just not accepted why some will not decide on a career or why one will not Marry? Situations mount to the queries mostly being asked to the parents and the Individual in question. Nothing is decided can never be the REPLY! It is never that the Individual is ‘confused’ certain times they take their life lightly rather than heavily to the Rat Race.

The Society will dig in as they might have been  given some Archeologist’s  Profile happily gossiping, creating stories to restore their ‘Blind Faith’ intact! Pretending and being Superficial in understanding carries no Empathy if I may conclude everyone understands that in Today’s date.

My open question is –why should everything move in the Society as pre-planned as in terms of Monotony of a Life of a Human Being?

Should the Society not Change their view points rather Change the Individual to fit in the Society?

Is everything all about the Competition in the Society- to have the biggest house, to owning the pricy car, to owning amount of jewelry  which can never be worn at one go. Children studying competing with each other to secure the First place what is wrong in being a Back bencher!

The Universe, the Earth, the World has enough Space every Individual except the Society if the norms of Rules are not followed!


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