The Principles and Values of Life to be ‘Lead’

To the amusement of many Ruth lived her Life on her terms. Many of her friends were infuriated at the Idea how could she detach herself from the priorities set by the Society norms. There was one thought about her actions and thoughts she never broke ‘The Code of Conduct’. Ruth seriously maintained she was going to take every hurdle and obstacle of her path in the journey of her Life as Uncertainty to learn the Principles and Values of Life to be ‘Lead’.

It was a Herculean task from the start. She bitterly cried, wallowed, making her eyes look that of owls of the night when she started to lead life on her own. She knew from the depth of heart it will never be Easy to stand on her own to ask queries, be lifted to the Dias of Life without knowing anyone Confirmative Humans called – Friends.

Appearing as friendly Humans they made enough obstacles to see how she gets the task down in the Maze jig jaw puzzle! They never forgot to pour acid on her Wounds as soon they saw new skin evolving to Heal her Wound! –Positivity can never be seen as outshining by Negate Individuals out of Fear.

Wounds put together

By her friends

Making sure she never

Gets it cured!

Ruth started being selective about the random strangers she spoke about her struggles, there were many who believed her, did not detach her , gave her the shoulder where she could sleep sometimes without the Alertness of the Mind- CAREFREE as we say!

Times roughed out a bit more where everyone started scratching her wounds without much knowing to their Individual know how why, what is making them do what they are doing. They were having fun seems they were kinda ‘Bored’ in their Lives! They needed an Amusement Park to make their lives to fill with sense and feel the feelings!

Passionate, Loyal, Brave

Went Ruth to Hell

With the Fear, anguish, Anxiety

To give Birth to Insomnia!

Tough situations were procured out of know where to see the ‘Survival Instincts’ to make experiment if Charles Darwin’s theory of –Responsive to Change happens!

Ruth never got time to react to the situations she only moved positively from one situation to the other. She as guaranteed herself that whatever experience she is encountering from here from the Time here and nowhere will keep her moving forward to the Future which is unknown to many of the Game planners of the Life! What will majority of the observers do is Ignore her Plight, start questioning her out of Curiosity-what has led to the Series of obstacles and hurdles in her Life?

Life’s tough but Tougher is the Mental Strength of Ruth’s  Mind that keeps things progressing even in a Fury of Storm, Hail and Thunder!  All in all Ruth knew the Day she Revealed to the world –Her True Self she will be pushed, cornered, bullied, confronted by the Individuals she loved and cared for! The ‘push ‘ she got was from the Inner self of Nature observation, to her Intuition and Instincts.

She knew from Childhood she was Unique in her own terms, Life looks quite different in her eyes of viewing situations circumstances. She knew the answers of many questions where all the Elders will be grim and grumpy about looking out for a realistic approach. Her knowing how will lead her life in her own Terms was a distinctive decision Nature made when she opened her eyes on the Earth. Nature ensured she got out of the trouble by some means the ideas and witty nature inbuilt to help her out mostly. She was Nature’s Child to be productive and constructive to the work she willingly thought where no Minds was even passing by. Yes she met a few co- Fellow Like- Minded people in the Journey , she always can Relate her story to theirs!


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