True Partnership

As the Nite grew beautifully

Glowing in the Silver Light

 in Lily’s fragrance

she glowed like a Fire – fly’s night visit

She immersed from the waters flowing from the Riverbed

Came to meet her Beloved

Embraced Him

Lit his Smile with Thousand sun beams

Put her Head on his Shoulder she slept Peacefully

Till the rise of the Dawn

One can see the imperfection of Loving in Parallel worlds

 they knew it made Perfect sense to them

Peace and Serenity

Is a quest, a Treasure,

We all look forward to

When we mean and speak about

My Soulmate!


3 thoughts on “True Partnership

  1. Dear Friend. Although I am leaving Pearls, my blog behind soon. I wish to still follow your blog. Thank you for being part of my faithful core<3

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