Too Much Of A Request

Wish there can be Faith, a lot of it

Want that misty days & nights to be over, had enough of it,

its been ages,

Had enough of the dark shades of grey to black to opaque, 

Wish there was someone who can be trusted & put my Faith onto

is it too much to request for?



10 thoughts on “Too Much Of A Request

  1. Everybody needs someone to hold on. Someone who takes us by the hand and leads through our maze or at least gives us a lamp light into our hands. But in the end we ourselves must hold that lamp light and also walk the path. Sometimes we even need to do the first step into the darkness in order to find our light right there. I love that poem… very thought provoking!

  2. Ohhhh, so sorry you’re feeling so down. I actually just posted something on hope and faith, so this is on my mind right now.
    Hope things get better soon.

  3. I have read that poem of your it is beautifully expressed.Thank you for your support Staci. Love Your effort. Hugs 😀

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