Love-Fiction or Non-Fiction

Love – a fiction or a non-fiction

The passion, the longing, 

The voyage taken travelling from the one realm to this realm

-for You and You only.

Few say Love – fiction

they dreamed they could never find 

they hoped yet could not locate the treasure

the time constraint, the time-lapse, 

the hollowness in words, the false promises,

For them it is Fiction, it never exists. 

So if Love never existed?

why do we nurture, care, hug, shower affection in 

words and action!

It exists if we are destined to find it we will

Out there one in infinite Significant is waiting to kiss and lock the key

with Togetherness!

That he or she is waiting!




4 thoughts on “Love-Fiction or Non-Fiction

  1. Awwwww, love is definitely there. I love how there are various different words for love in Greek. In English it’s so limited. We use love for a spouse, and for ice cream. All with the same word. It kind of makes it confusing to not what true love is. Especially when it comes down to love as a verb. Something you do. A choice.
    Great write.

  2. You pointed out an important aspect about the word love and true love. Thank you Staci 🙂

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