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His Desire

He kissed many a lip to feel

Yet He yearns for the One

who would be breath taking moment

For Him

With whom He can connect 

With hearts and  feel one Soul

For that lips He desires

His lips has forever been dry for Her

His eyes wants to catch the glimpse 

of that Lost girl he sees in his lucid dream

He wants to hold Her for real this time!




Support, Boost, Stand – With You – Friends

Friends say “do not attach yourself to a Heart, you will be hurt”

Friends advice & preach which they never will experience or follow themselves

It is a means of Control- they try to Implement knowing 

Trying to tell You- “they care for You”

In Reality if they really care

They will only stand by your fall, and pick up from the place where You fell

Give You the support to carry forward what you need to Finish!

Friendship is a God’s Gift and comes Second close to Your Family!