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Devils And Angels

Devils are the Inner Consciousness

which lets us know ‘let the devil out!’

It would hurt everyone around to make sure the Destruction is all round!

Angels is the conscious

it lets know that reality of -Thinking

let the pain be Healed!

What do we intend to do is the overall Thinking and Actions

which makes the Ultimate You!

Art Of Action

How many of us truly dares
to do something Once or many times
in Life
Which was daring!

Not the ‘first time’ kind of thing

Precious moment which One’s friends
never ever thought You will end up
knowing as ‘Wow. You did that’ 🙂

Once in a lifetime, just dare to
steal incredible space
in someone’s Heart
by making them look at You
and keep ‘Smiling at Your art of action!’

They Do Not Know What They Are Doing

When in pain let no one deceit You
If You have been hurt by many
Forgive them, because You the Power
within You to let it go
Let the revengeful take their acts
But do a favor do not submit yourself
to them
But least You can do is always
keep forgiving their words and actions
‘They do not know what they are doing’