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Fact a Realistic Word

The Fact is a Real word!

Enough to make choices and decisions!

When I reply your question do not ask for the reasons and explanations

that has nothing to do with Me!

cause if You had understood at the first place

You would not have questioned at the first place 

You would have stood beside Me 

on the Journey of Life!

Life is a steep path

so steep and narrow 

is the path that one’s words and actions 

can cause to the cliff 

trying to understand should I or should I not 

“Quit My Life?”

Yeah, difficult to understand 

why I had to walk the path Alone

when I wanted Everyone to be with Me

for the Cause

But is it not true 

if You had understood the Reality

You would have been 

standing beside Me, and not question Me!

Emotional World ~iii~

should I light the torch to see the ‘thing’,

Oh! I should have known it is an area of unknown,

But I was the one insisting to come here,

I know I could keep with it or was I wrong?

I can keep Myself afloat but I wanted to drown,

I do have choice 

I can feel the warmth of the heart of the ‘thing’

breathing besides my ears of My Soul,

I light my charge of light

There I see some form of eyes watching me into my eyes.

Eyes as beautiful I could not have thought off!

Is it a disillusion, hallucination as some say it.

Is it a monster or some one like me wondering around

or lost and could not find the path out of the Ocean of emotion world?

without much a thought I as intrigued and prompt came a question

“what are You?”, “are you lost?”, “do you live here?”

In my mind I am still wondering

Do you understand my language!!

Emotional World ~ii~

I can keep Myself afloat, but I want to drown

diving in to the depths of the emotions

let me see the deep, dark or colored world of emotional world,

My light suddenly dims

I can see nothing in darkness

It is suffocating, I am breathless

I can not feel the tunnel,

It has no boundary and no limit of its existence,

There are monsters in the emotional world, so have I heard,

I have a power or a boon to help Myself out,

I still cannot feel the ground

My light has diminished 

I am keeping the last charge of light, if in case!

I encounter a Monster -it seems so!

what do I know about its weakness or strengths?

Will it be my friend?

I feel it is touching my Soul

So powerful is it’s touch!

My Soul starts backing away in ‘self-defense’!

I can sense it breathing, I can hear it’s inhale and exhale!

Emotional World ~ i ~

I can keep Myself afloat but I want to drown

I let my Soul drown in the emotional Ocean

I want to see, feel how does the Oceanic Emotional World looks likes, feels like!

I am keeping a watch on Time

I want to feel the sand, the rocks, the ground of this world,

I want to feel

the Chaos,Calmness, Sheer joy, Laughter, Coldness, Chills,

I can keep Myself afloat but I want to drown

To observe the Panoramic view of the Emotional world.

Going deep gives the Depth,

Depth to go to the Tunnel,

Darkness all around the tunnel,

Light flickering in the Ocean of Emotional world

Never know when the light will extinguish

So deep, dark is the Emotional World.

Melancholy In Mind

No reason to be in a sad state

of mind

it wonders around in a Gypsy attire

looking at every state of noun and verb

with a long Glance in a pensive mood

still no reason to be in a sad state

of mind

letting every unknown situation and circumstance

to linger around

in a glimpse and vision

getting somewhere but no where in reality

in the thoughts

sometimes letting the no reasons

affect and stand as long it can be

since tomorrow

is another Day

where the Sun will not be 

fogged in this reprise!


Courage comes when One wants
to deal with the Fear forever
One will start taking the steps
to the Risk it never dreamt of
It is the beginning where One might find ALONE
Never worry it is the sign that others will follow in
As they can understand that You will not betray your own Faith!

My Love, do not Leave Me Alone

Love me as
I have never been loved
touch my heart
as I have never been touched
come to me
as you will never depart
keep me awake
at odd hours
so I can see the fire flies
with my naked eyes
But for now be with me
Do not leave me
and make me
feel alone
Accompany me in this
Sit beside me and
tell a joke
I will laugh enough
without any annoyance
give me the oxygen
which I want to breath
with you
no matter how
bad a glimpse
of the past was
just be the Hope
for me at the moment
and tell me that you
will not leave me alone

Quotes – Alone

Look at the sky. We are not alone.The whole Universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work. Abdul Kalam

Our language has wisely sensed the two sides of being alone. It has created the word loneliness to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word solitude to express the glory of being alone. Paul Tilich