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Face It As It Is

I wish to Float in the rage of the current waters 

I wish to Fly against the wish of the Stormy winds

I wish to keep walking in the Midst of the desert storm

I have achieved a bit of flying, floating and keeping abreast in 

the Situations

I wish to Fight all the odds,

not making Me the odd One out

but because I Have to do it

as some situations have no excuses, have to Face it as it is!

Aspire to Inspire

Aspire to Inspire

in your Unique, Genuine ways

Differentiate in your behaviour, attitude, mannerism – if may be

Be someone who can be always approached

not to be taboo-ed or thought to be fearful

Be a person of Genuine Heart

who is Influential in the matters

which makes Thee

the most sought after in

nano seconds of Your absence

in The Universe

Only Regret

Regret – nothing,

Regret the protons you wished you could do,

The words You could speak,

Not out of rage, jealousy, ego or pity, 

Only for empathy, long term friendship,

For the betterment of many individuals 

that we meet in our ‘life cycle’,

Let the persons and strangers know and only know-

who you are within not from outside-pretence,

only from your deeds of actions & words!

Change & Transformation

The words are not Similar

Change is when the Buddy
caterpillar goes to cocoon
never waking up again
becoming the Silk and worn by Human!

Transformation happens
again when the Caterpillar
sleeps in the cocoon
and after a while ta-da
wakes up becoming the beautiful Butterfly -WE ADORE IN NATURE

Awarded with The Awesome Award And The Lighthouse Award

I am thanking all of the Blogging Community in helping me communicate through my words, to understand and appreciate an amateur like me is like building that invisible bridge.

awesome-blossom                 the-lighthouse-award

Thank you belsbror for making my Day in the Wintery days and nights filled with all the warmth of happiness which I am sure you can imagine! 🙂 Everyone can have a look at the site – http://belsbror.wordpress.com/. It is a creative site filled with all the colors that words can mix and mold.

The three ways I love helping persons

* It is pure appreciation and kind words around the world which makes the world a better place to live in. So be kind to say some good words to who ever known or mere strangers, it so happens it strikes the right cord .
* When I help someone without the thought of being selfish it surely did happen and still happens that God sends his Angels from Heaven to ensure that I can cross the Bridge which I was fearing.
* Intentions can be many but when I give that smile I surly get back that smile from many others, try it but one needs to be patient!

Here are the rules for the Lighthouse Award:

Display the Award certificate on your blog.
Write a post and link back to the blogger that nominated you.
Inform your nominees of their award nominations
Share three ways that you like to help other people.
There is no limit to the number of people that you can nominate.

Since there is no limit to how many I can nominate for starters I have nominated 12 Bloggers I am following.
The Nominees for the Lighthouse Award are:

# http://lineoftheweek.wordpress.com/
# http://shawnbird.com/
# http://nitinlalit.com/
# http://poemsandpeople.wordpress.com/
# http://roblinsdell.wordpress.com/
# http://johncoyote.wordpress.com/
# http://darkyblue.wordpress.com/
# http://audreyhepburnbooks.wordpress.com/
# http://seshatwuji.wordpress.com/
# http://poetreecreations.org//
# http://lifewritteninpoetry.wordpress.com/
# http://poetrybyskull.wordpress.com/

I love reading their creativity and I wish to say that check their sites to know more about their work.

Happiness shared can bring peace within Selfie and kindness gives that happiness with an icing on the top is humbleness! 🙂

*It took sometime to post this, so thank you for bearing with me.
*I hope I am able to take note of the persons and follow their work to able to share the Awards with many more in the Blogging Community.

Be the One

Be the one whom every one wish
to be with
be the one who is loved by many
be the one who appreciates all
be the one who gives gratitude
no matter what rises and falls
be the one who is a peace maker
be the one who can rise above pain
be the one who can be a survivour
be the one who is brave
be the one who never runs away
be the one who can live life to the fullest
Every single word is assertive
when one is committed to
positivity and has guts and grits
Nothing in life comes
without a little Risk
So let the New Year begin with no big
Resolutions and Promises
But mainly with being the individual who can
give, share the love we have
Because a Smile is infectious
Keep Smiling and people will Smile back!

Grow Thyself

Growth needs
appreciation, hope
Growth needs
gratitude, faith
Growth is
all about
to look for self
not in negative judgements
someone remarks on you
Growth is believing self
Understand one think
for sure
You are important
for self
if not for rest of the world
Never divulge from hope
believe in self
count your blessings
love yourself
respect yourself
appreciate yourself
give time to self
understand yourself in solace
make peace with self
Be self, because you are important to self
Grow like a tree
whose shade makes the difference to people passing by

The Power Of I

Its I who makes me and not some one else,
I make the difference in the heart of situations,
its I who can make myself happy, not some other person,
what makes the I is accepting the ‘self’ to bring out the I in midst of many thrown situations.
Who is the one who gets hurt is I, not because of others judgements, criticism, pain; but only due to not understanding of self.
The day one understands the inner strengths of self no external force can make I in a remorseful pain or happiness.
Its our intelligence and knowledge which will make I not to be proud, since I will go to ashes one day.
I as one should be known is the ‘legacy’ one will make in the history of known like the ‘atoms’ which made the Universe.
I is the powerful soul detached from external sources but making the ripples in the water, air and earth as time time passes.
Keep moving, keep going but make every sense to bring smiles to each individual knowing the I!

Being Favourable

How many times have you heard that someone tells you that they have done a favour. Many times I guess.

Do you really think that they are doing a ‘favour’ on someone else. Have a laugh, its God who is making a person do that work as he was supposed to be the person to help out at that particular time. Never be disheartened if we have to return that ‘favour’, its God’s way to let us pay back to the person. We donot do a thing without God’s words, believe it or not! Have you seen a tree whose all leaves have fallen but that one leaf is still there in that particular branch because its God’s art work to be appreciated.

When we happen to ask a person for certain help and tells you that he will do or will not do, its not a favour that we happen to ask them its that point of time that person happens to know certain skills or can share that piece of information to help us out. Many a person start to think that they have indeed taken the place of God by doing that particular work- no that is seriously not true. It so happens that we are all co-dependent humans that God has made us that we can lead and live our life helping each other. Better way of putting the nature in which God wants us to perform the tasks and appreciate the live he has given us.

Certain people we meet in life who takes advantage of those situations and circumstances will be lashed down by God if we think that God never punishes the wrong doer. Completely mistaken are those who goes ‘ga-ga’ about what a favour they have done and if not they do it the person surely would have found out some other means to finish that work for sure.

If you happen to be the person who helped out and the person who was helped even forgot to appreciate it donot worry God will have his ways to make him remember you in ‘hundred folds’ where he will think of you as the God’s messenger’ when he will not be able to find that help from someone else. Iam not making a negative point but Iam letting each one of us know that there are times when the efforts done are appreciated when the person no longer is available for certain reasons in their life to ‘help’ them out. The realistic point that Iam making is that the person who takes advantage gets used to the idea of taking the help as very much ‘granted’, forgetting that God has that ‘Magic Wand’ when everything can just be taken out of prior notice in Life.

Never take a person who helps granted and always help a person with good heart with no pay-back that some day this same person will pay us back, may be not this person but someone else as God will send to help us around when we need.

Have the Ultimate faith in God and help around when asked if the solution can be provided by you. Make good KARMA.The good Karma will purify our Soul.

*Happy Reading*