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Walk Forward, Move Forward

As the water makes its own path,

Never is it dithered by the pebbles and rocks

That comes in its path,

It knows it has to be flowing,

Never is it teetered by the pebbles and rocks

It knows its Destination!

The aquatic life moves along with it.

The water flows as it knows

where if it stops it is stagnant it is Dead!

Humans too need to understand

It has to be in a flow,

It is the Inspiration of Life

That will always be the Aspiration to all the Human Beings!

Life or rightly said Experiences lets us know Who we are genuinely in the Heart All of us copes with situations but did it settle in the sand of your heart Calmly Hold on to your heart when everything is giving the perfect nuisance, The Storm will calm not today, not tomorrow, but one fine day everything will make Sense, so hold on to your heart tightly!

Gratitude To The Omnipresent

Nothing in this life is for a surety
Never think that everything will be there
Not even the flower thinks that
It will perish it knows
But from the moment it is a Bud
To the existence of its Blooming
It knows it made everyone around
know that it is what is to be There
It was the Star, a shinning Star
to be appreciated and it gives
the Gratitude to the Omnipresence.