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True Partnership

As the Nite grew beautifully

Glowing in the Silver Light

 in Lily’s fragrance

she glowed like a Fire – fly’s night visit

She immersed from the waters flowing from the Riverbed

Came to meet her Beloved

Embraced Him

Lit his Smile with Thousand sun beams

Put her Head on his Shoulder she slept Peacefully

Till the rise of the Dawn

One can see the imperfection of Loving in Parallel worlds

 they knew it made Perfect sense to them

Peace and Serenity

Is a quest, a Treasure,

We all look forward to

When we mean and speak about

My Soulmate!

My True Love Never Queries

Never Explain the Love

to Thy Beloved

It never is a “Job Profile”

to fit in the position 

It is Love

One that feels happiness being around

watching the simple daily chores

doing and going around

It is never “Fit in the Bill”

It never is a Crush nor an Infatuation!

It is Love

True Soulful Unconditional Unselfish Love!!

never questions it surrenders 

to the Soul which it was looking around for in this Birth!!!


Strangely I know You more
than You can Understand Yourself,
I see your Heart
from afar a distance and can hear it Beat in tune,
I see in those Eyes
nothing but Love for Me,
Say no more,
say no more,
say no more excuses,
You look like a little Boy
wondering and confusing
the path you want to be Sure about,
Excuse Your fears
lets take a walk
on the road
set our beginning of a journey
which will be an Experience
to Remember as long we Live!