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An affair with Depression

It would not be fair taking lightly the romance with one’s (psychological) mind which is drifting apart completely with sadness. It never occurs to a person until to late to understand that it has been all the way having a brilliant affair of a kind. The assurance that all is well while struggling to keep an upbeat check with response as well reaction. The psychiatrist studying the symptoms, marks the dissection of that particular nerve causing all the due ‘affair to the psychology’ to the response and reaction. The close knit family watching with a pulse rating and a heart break in the ongoing affair. The family of a person has to come to an understanding why they need to seek help from a psychiatrist or go to a mental institution.

Any disorder in the mind known as madness with never coming back to real life of mundane daily chaos- notably reflected and told by certain highly opinioned society watchers. They not only discard the person who will go through diagnosis but the whole family at large will be outcasted. The watchers will go through the family history of the person inflicted to see who went through the same mental state and maybe lived throughout the years until death in the mental asylum. The society watchmen are perfect judges to the precision they may time to time give over flowing sympathy, an over acting of a kind to know the ongoing progress of the case.

Okay, back to the person having the alleged affair with depression. Life itself has been tough or difficult which ever verb is acceptable to the situation.

The person inflicted due to which the mind has ‘a mind if its own now’! Never wanted it.

Depression has many types of it when diagnosed, for most of the part will not go through describing and defining but will like to give a caricature how the person perceives the surroundings, close people and the other people with whom it has a contact of some kind. And how others perceive and react to the person affected.

A person who is depressed after being diagnosed has to go to the psychiatrist religiously. Medication taken mostly has an affect on the nervous system- the response, the reaction, the emotions.

A person who can no longer fight with the mind which has decided to control the steering on its own needs the psychiatrist.

At large mental health is not considered to be taken to the psychiatrist until a person reacts violently. Still the family of the person will not go to the psychiatrist in the name of what will the neighborhood and relatives be gossiping about the family. So in turn they will take the extreme step and put the person in the mental asylum. The individuals of the family are fine with the person affected being chained, living with other violent patients, and of course in not so acceptable conditions.

In other cases a person inflicted is some how taken to the psychiatrist, diagnosed the symptoms and given medication. Things are going to be very different once the consumption of this antidepressants. They affect the nervous system as well the body too. The medicines are mainly chemicals to affect the hormones. The psychiatrist calls fortnightly the patient for how the affect of its prescribed medication is doing on the patient’s mind. If the patient behaves too calm or too violent the dosage of the medicines are increased or decreased. In doing so sometimes the body and mind of the patient gets affected by too much increase in body weight or loss in body weight. Or maybe to see how the patient reacts to a certain different medicine the hormones get imbalanced. The patients battling to take control of their mind are made Guinea pigs to try and test a certain chemical composition which is not out in the chemist shops yet. Whichever way the patients become the assured lab monkeys without their own knowledge as well not to the knowledge of their families too.

In this life of mundanity when a person reacts – responds to the daily chaos and mess with dry emotions to the competition and rat race then a person is considered to be in fine tune of their mind.

We all are different in response and reactions to show emotions or not to show at all. The health of the mind is a serious romance which should never die out. Its the mind that makes us see the bright sunshine which tells us to go out and enjoy the the sunrise. To feel the soft petal and smell a flower’s fragrance. To understand the difference between the right and wrong. Not to overly fill a jar already full with water. When we are pushed from the comfort zone not many makes it due to the overwhelming reaction to the situations asked for. We all are different, we all have flaws, imperfections. There are human minds who will easily understand a complex situation yet they may not understand a very simple situation. We all vary in our minds to the reaction and response.

In case we are not reacting as thought  like the majority of the masses we are different but that difference that one need not be bullied or outcasted irrationally.

None breathing in the world wants to be mentally unfit, due to uncertain reasons one goes through a variety of undealt emotions mostly suppressed trying to show the best to the loved ones and society at large. Depression in a person has a root cause in not being accepted or living in unhealthy environment. It makes the person suppress or become violent to harm only self or many other who comes to the person’s physical contact. It really reflects to how a person affected with depression was made to feel by many others at a certain phase of its life. Depression can be a high and low of emotions at the same time or high or low in different time period withdrawn.

Depression is considered a term in a fashionable way too where it might be a person is dealing only with sadness but may be to create attention is loudly speaking about how depressed the person is!

A person who is fighting depression needs not only the medication but mostly the love and affection of the friends and family too. The person needs to be told most of the time everyone is their to listen to whatever their mind is thinking so that they can get out of this ongoing and outgoing emotions. To much suppressing and pretending ‘I am Fine’is never right.

A healthy Mind is the well- being foundation of a person.

My Thought Process In Progression

Sometimes my head runs with so many thoughts where the words are running from the left lobe of the brain in the neurotic search of a better counter-part to do the research on my right lobe of the brain cells which seems to be less focusing or might be least interested on a particular ‘uneventful day’ to speak of! Dreams seem to be scarce and find that I am dreaming the same episode again and again, making my mind have a thought what is the matter that my creative juices have run out off which is great needs of nourishment from the Nature. There are days when I end up speaking way to much which is less focused and intended on doing something resourceful rather than discovering the new actress and their fashion statements to be discussed without much of a choice.

I would rather like myself to be alone at times for hours so that some particular and refined words can pass through the window and I can catch it like the ‘fire glow worm’ start playing with the idea. How incredible will be my life without the words which I need to keep on experimenting with all kinds of other words to make it sound alright as I am by no means a Perfect person so my words are not perfect. I seriously have dull moments where I can not think of a beautiful word which can be played with least written about. I end up with days where I just do not want write a word where I get way too moody or lazy! Yes! by all means I am born with these two important qualities to keep me ‘moving’! 😉
Rest assured I believe in the determination of ‘The Terminator’ where I can set a goal plan for the couple of days work on I earnestly.

So it is the right lobe of my brain that is making me write all the words or to please I would mention it is ‘helping’ me as I am a Right-handed person!

My best topic of thought process where I keep floating with buoyancy is If Sir Issac Newton did not find out the ‘Gravitational Laws’ than how would I know that birds will never fly under the water and fishes will never swim in the Sky. The apple will always fall on the ground when it is rotten and not when it young and ripe! 😉

The Valentine Day

So finally the D-day has arrived “Valentine Day”.

Love blossoms with the youth and happens to move in almost like a remote which is fast forward rewinding happening in the Life. To young but a ‘fashionable’ space where every youngster is looking for that One individual which will have a girlfriend or a boyfriend. The perfect is that they are not committing to the ‘commitment’. They try not to pressurize their life by the vows and promises they are not intending on to keep at the moment. They keep experimenting and experiencing at the age when I am sure I was busy tucked with my novels and study books. The youngsters that I observe are to be at the average age between 16- 20. They are the most vulnerable to many risks and to the mishappenings and accidents in the name of Love. The victim can be a boy or girl who ever is seriously trying to mean the ‘commitments’. So prefer to tell all the youngsters – just enjoy being pampered by your boyfriend or girlfriend. Never try to imitate the person you are not. Never look at the riches and brands. Waste no money of your parents on your girlfriend or boyfriend. Earn it and duly spent wisely! Rest we need to experience for ourselves and not learn from someone who never experienced the adventure of being in Love! ;-D

What happens to persons who fall in love at the age after the have found the perfect job and home and car? These people keep on looking every place on this ‘Beautiful World’ to find that perfect person to settle down. Why? Since their wise folks wanted them to focus on studies and look for that perfect job as love will happen when they have everything called the ‘Status of the Identity’. Is it so? I am afraid but have to say that nothing happens on the late hours when One did not even try out a single adventure so much focused on the world of theories of Algebra and no one is Dr. Leonard Hofstadter of The Big Bang Theory who has the most ‘amazing Charisma’! Now it happens the girls or the men are found running for a commitment since they did not give time at that point of time.

But surly Love happens to the individuals who were not even looking for love at any place even in the Jungles of the Amazon or the Kalahari Desert. I believe it just happens when God whom I belief thinks it is time to not sit and be watching that movie – The Ugly Truth with that favorite chocolate bar or single man for that matter watching that soccer match with a beer bottle! It really sucks! 😦

I have a great thought that I pass on to singletons boys and girls ‘ look around for the Adventure, just do not read that adventurous book! When one has an adventure outside then the Heart will know what One is looking for and will surly find it with the Grace of God. But do not sit and think that the Prince Charming will find you when you are tucked in the blanked and watching-P.S.-I Love You! Be the Cindrella who took that risk of daring to be brave and she spent sometime with the Prince of her dreams and the Prince came after her!’ That’s Love when One seeks one will find.

Do not look in the wrong places for sure and make sure you do not fall a prey in the name of Love. Do not be the victim as One might be weakened by the Predator that no one will love you again. Break the bondages and chains if you are in it. Because the purity of the Soul and Love will always make you free as a Bird who is not caged in the Golden Cage but is free to fly out and come in and always stay in the Heart of the Beloved.

So fall in Love, Be in Love. Love the Sweetheart with whom you are sharing your Love for many years. And for all the singles keep looking for Love nothing is a wastage of energy until you have not seeked.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Love To all of You! 😀 🙂

My 301st Post, Appreciation To Creativity

Wow I posted my 300th blog, time passes by and I did not really realize I had written in this two months.

Looking back it was always I am skeptical and wondering will my words make ‘sense and sensibility’. Writing seriously for me is like a stress buster and gets me to the place where I am in World of words where every emotion and feeling is transferred amazingly with the great depth which I always look forward too. What is that pushes me to writing is the fact that I started writing poetry as a Child and showed it to my Dad who told me to give more time to the creativity. But it was all lost once studies became ‘prime time show’ of my life and running after that great Job!

It seems everything again had to set in the path and I started writing again. It was never I wrote I always maintain a Diary from childhood I just love it, no dark secrets for sure 😉 Time and again could never think of it and lost it in the depth of the Sea mind of mine that will never be able to get in touch with it.

Thank God for that it again resurfaced and I started focusing on it for I wanted to get the thoughts in the permanent ink. Love it I must say.

Blogging is perfect because all the individuals I keep on meeting via Blogsphere are all Creative and Unique in their field. There is so much interesting things which is shared every day for learning which is truly ‘Valuable’.

To appreciate a Flower one has to step outside to the garden and see the flower from all the dimensions to the degrees one can see, touch the petals, smell the perfume which it is sharing and feel the beauty which is making the garden look beautiful.

So we have to enable and venture out and think of many ways in which we all can share and appreciate as well give dimensions which are being found every time in the mind and thoughts which are put into words and passed on to the post.

Creativity flows from open doors and gets in touch with every soul and like minded persons who are in their ways contributing and thinking of different ways to get the creativity understood. Some one surly had to venture out one day and that day was the great day as some one dared to take risk and adventure out in the open field which was not known to many. So speaks the Creativity in many ways have to be dared and accepted by many people who not able to understand the flow of it.

Survival Of The Fittest

Survival of the fittest happens only when a person has attributes which makes the person change, transform and adjust in severe conditions around the surroundings. The changes only are not physical mostly, but more in thought process. How does a person see and observe and adapt in times worse.

The greatest example that I always see are the victims who are the survivors of the Holocaust. It is a bitter experience for the people who had experienced. Nothing worse than that has ever made me have jitters when I watch any movie about it. But to see the people who survived is what is worth learning to me. How does one keep oneself composed and patient and tolerant to all the injustice happening which was so inhumane. What really makes me think is that the people who survived brought in themselves the skills which made them to modify and learn techniques to keep them surviving. Yes, I do believe in destiny but what really has kept the destiny of those who survived is the adaptability to change and transform at that bitter period of time.

What makes or breaks a person is the ability to change, adapt, patience and tolerance. Patience arrives too many who were never patient in their life but something really changes and makes them think that the need of the hour to keep going is to change or transform with patience.

Life will never remain the same for many a lot of people who were survivors of the Holocaust. What really is more important is the fact that the people were very positive to be able to keep themselves in the surviving conditions. What affects Life is how one changes in times which are not pleasant in any form. I am sure many of us have seen experiences in Life which we still feel ‘why me, God?’ But God wanted to see are we worth the people and so the experiences which were more of a learning experience for most of us. I am sure we all have a tale with us! 🙂

Do not surrender and say fine I will not leave and so bring the beautiful life to an end. Instead work on the aspects which can make you the ‘The New You’. Suprise the people who never thought you could transform for the better of yourself and surely not for them! Remember that. Question is not will you work on it but the question is how far can you take it.

My experience with the bitterness was that two years before I always thought will I ever Smile. It became the biggest fear I will never smile again, I watched humour and could never laugh so yes, the pain which drifted me most of the time to some Lone island. But something hit me I reconciled with thy self and yes I know within that I ‘transformed’ not even changed. I laugh and can joke around make the gloomy ones happy and keep the positivity within me and around the people who are drifting to that space. It really took time to transform to see self in the mirror from 😦 to :-)! Glad I could make it. The best part is some of my friends are like ‘how did you make it? We thought you might never make it.’I just answer ‘I am a great fan of POSITIVITY!’ :)That is kind of survival where one might just not know in deep thoughts an weak point can think of taking away the breath which God has gifted to do better things.

So I end the story of the survival skills with survival instincts where One will have greater positive thoughts and germs intact that one will adapt, be patient, be tolerant to the surroundings, will learn skills to be a Hero oneself, to fight fear and take every measure to survive!

Positivity And Instinct Carry The Creativity

Chanel one’s spirit and soul directly to the work you intend to do and actions one has thought of. Never look back and give a stare to the people who are mocking you. They have indeed no idea what you are instinctively alarmed about that makes you work around for the benefit of many a races. Do not feel ashamed of your work, each person has a first day to what it has to do creatively what should be important is your know-how about the subject and how you tackle and share your invention back to the people. Never give up in the middle path once you have started with it. Rise above the many who questions your objective and let time pass and excel in your creative venture. Let the critics praise then and appreciate it.

Let your fear met with adventure you never thought of undertaking. Fear once fought half of the battle is won. What next is the path till you are assured that you can share your work with the known and unknown. Let negativity at the beach and tell it to bask the sun rays which it never really does.

Look forward to positivity always like you never have met negativity in life. One’s own acknowledgement to positive outlook will always assure you that you are doing the right thing and on the right path. Look out for the analysis that gives you immense satisfaction to the work you are doing. Creativity is a field where some one will find something very new each moment. Leave nothing for tomorrow if you have the findings today.

As a writer always write when the words start flowing from the mind through the fingers to the permanent ink. One will find many persons doing something new in the creative field every single moment, I too get awe struck when I feel I have to know such many things most of the time.

Lastly never judge your work and appreciate the critics work, one’s instincts will tell if one is doing the right thing or not!

Grammar Always Right

Noun is to name
Pronoun explains by itself
Preposition the bridge
Adjective to modify
Verb ability to action

Grammar is the basis of languages whose existence came times immerorable, never ever get bad marks in your basics in Grammar. Without Grammar literature and Poems can never really work so well. To the great legends who worked hard and smart enough to provide the Grammar with the sentences I am writing to the way I speak verbally.

*Incase I missed on the basics do share and correct me.

The Journey When Opportunity Bangs The Door

Opportunities of a life time comes when it suddenly arrives and we are found in midst of some ‘not going to have time’ kind of business in Life. But what should be done needs to be done we love the opportunities which we were aiming for. Good for us to know what we should be doing.
Accept nothing less when you know what you have set your eyes onto. Life never stops for the whinning babies. So support your dreams in a phase and keep working on it like an ANT. Why an ant since it is so hard working and smart working and determined in achieving the mission it has set on before the winters arrive. 🙂

Look out for the options which you never set your thought on, without that beautiful dream that you have on your mind and the brain working on it, you will never be focusing on the goal post.

The opportunist will take the opportunity without much of strategy and research, but if you are not one of the many opportunists then make sure you have enough ideas to carry yourself forward time and again. Believe and faith with the composed determination to set the dream into reality seats in our own hands. So donot lose any further time and set your path and cross all the hurdles which we intend to fear. Life has nothing to do with us if we never overcome fear. So that aspect of life has to be done with the better the sooner.

In case one wonders how the path will be while walking alone donot fear as many strangers will walk time to time to accompany us in this journey of the opportunity we are going to set the mark on. Blessed are the souls who will make us strong and provide with the warm wishes now and then when we are no longer visionary ourselves!

So believe in the dream which you have in our heart and keep working on it, because One never knows when opportunity comes at the Door and says “Hello”.