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Life or rightly said Experiences lets us know Who we are genuinely in the Heart All of us copes with situations but did it settle in the sand of your heart Calmly Hold on to your heart when everything is giving the perfect nuisance, The Storm will calm not today, not tomorrow, but one fine day everything will make Sense, so hold on to your heart tightly!

Dew Drops Of Peace

A Soul is Peaceful
When you feel the Peace within
That Peace has more Positive vibes
That Peace can Heal hundred other souls
It knows how to be a Rock in the storm
It knows how to be a Cactus in the desert
Since Peace only enters when own Soul is @ Calm
It finds the answers to questions
Not being asked but replies from within!

I, Surrender

I always fought
against the God’s will
thinking that waging War against Him
will bring the Destiny I always desired to have
Alas! God made sure with all his tactful Strategic ways
that I am his Puppet in his hands
So I gladly surrender to his wishes and remain peaceful and calm
when there is a war within my Mind
when there is a war within my Heart
when I cannot do nothing in the situations
situations which are beyond My Control
I know now that he check the temperature
of my Mind and Heart!

Being at Peace With Selfie

Some days are ‘just’ days, one feels nothing to do in those uneventful days! It is not ‘laze around days’ with minutes ticking into hours seating on the sofa and relaxing! Exactly these days are much better days where one really appreciates the sounds of the clock ticking with the memorable sound of ‘tick-tock’ music. Vehicles brooming with their high-end speed for a second. Sudden knocks on the door and when the bell sounds outside the welcome door! The sounds of birds chirping without the thought if anyone is even noticing its musical D or E level tones! Amazing are the days when one can just seat and enjoy nothing more than the peace one finds within without the slightest bothering thought. Its like sailing in the boat with a mild wind which makes sail the boat with tides making the boat move where one is not rowing the boat. Peace can be found more within, with the happiness that surrounds the mind and makes one to smile and smile bigger without thinking what is coming from the the window or the door! Why not keep worries at an arm length than keep wondering what to do when peacefully one can enjoy the happiness within. Being happy within is more fun than looking for it in some other place or in person. Smile more because it might make people wonder to your smiling! It only comes from the peace one can find with self. The more calm and composed with one’s thoughts one will be smiling gleely. Peace is within, peace has nothing to do with the surroundings until a person is fighting in an war. Keeping the calmness is action helps us deal with many situations and circumstances. There are situations where one finds peace amidst noise.

But today just seat and enjoy the happiness one can find in the noise, love everything the surrounding has to offer because tomorrow is another story to be unfolded!