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Feelings Require Courage

Mastering courage to speak One’s words
may not seem Exciting for many

Somewhere on this Planet Earth
there are humans who will always Share
what they Felt

Never do they do such an Action
to come to spot Light
there are many ways to come to the spot light

Feelings are the ways in which
One will always express no matter
how difficult it has been

And it will require some amount of
Feelings really need to be expressed
and brought to Surface to make a
Positive impact.

Heart goes through torture sometimes difficult even to describe, Learns to heal and care, Learns to shield by protecting and assembeling the puzzles, Thats the Act, and the Show must go on and on, Stop for noone!

Growing Up- An Optional Choice

Growing up is an Optional Choice
Some make it with the responsibilities
which too are choices
Some make it with the priorities
which they have to take up without any Choice available

There are many who never grow up
they end up being Selflishly taking care and nurturing Thee Self
Nothing much of a Difference
that it makes in their lives
they Love themselves to the extend -they view themselves Always RIGHT

Priorities and Responsibilities
are mostly Karma- the Deeds
that One has to take care of
because One is Lucky enough
to Nurture and Care as much the others Cared and Nurtured Thy self!
It is not everyone’s Cup of Tea or Coffee
But when a choice has been made have to stick to the it
till the last promise is Fulfilled


My Heart sees a Thousand candles
A Thousand candles You lit in My Heart
The Thought of You carries Me forward
Looking ahead with the Memories we will build

My ears hear bells ringing
with a particular sound
That sound sends Ripples in my Heart
My pulse seems to be in TUNE with the bells

I see You everywhere in front of Me
Nah! I am not INSANE
I am just Happy feeling You!

Addition In Life

Add depth to your observation
Add nurture to your nature
Add care to your Being
Be the way You want to be
Be the way You can be loved in your stupid thoughts
Be the child whom even a Child would love to care for
Be the Sweetheart and a Darling to the Hearts You keep meeting
Once in a while!

Same Fate : Two Hearts : One Soul

I wanted to wish
My eyes met your eyes
Souls had touched
Hearts sang the same tune

But had We not gone
through the same Rough edges
Same fate,
how much common Pain’
we had to suffer

Never will I understand
I donot wish to reason the fate

But it only resonates in my Mind
We understand each other
sitting in the distance of Miles apart
knowing what is happening
without asking a Single question