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The Princess With The Crown

The Princess worn The Crown 

filled with giddiness, coming to terms with the

Responsibilities she has been trained from Childhood

She has to understand, be fair in delivering judgements, duties

She never loved and craved for the Diamonds sparking on the Crown

She always knew what the Crown meant than the Beauty it outshone 

It was her Destiny not Heredity to be part of the Race of her Forefathers Blessings

She has to do her Best, to be the Best, to outlive and retain the Legacy of her Forefathers Throne

No Home But Luxurious Rentals For Parents

Did parents put their Child
to a Special Care Home
with full of Luxuries available
at the Snap of the fingers.
Did Parents gift the Child
with the Sun or The Moon
when they stubbornly cried
to show affection with
the Wealth they had worked for.
Did the Parents not give in
to the gibberish talks of the Child.
Did the Parents not
bathe, fed, and sang a song to
the Goodnight’s sleep.


So what Changed TODAY?
That Children
have no time
to Listen, Pamper, shower Affection
and above all give Love
to their beloved Parents.

What is all about having
a Nurse or put them in a luxurious Old Age Home
to take care
for the One and only Parents
who Created, Nurtured and Love
The Child always.

Why do some Child show
their back when needed the Most.

A Lovely Morning Walk

The fragrance of the flowers at night
from the Gulmohar trees (Delonix regia, Poinciana Trees)
set Me to the Happy trans
where I walked holding my Father’s Hand
Happily as there was no needs then
the hand that I was Holding
That period, that Beautiful experience
I wish I could enact again
Beauty is the memory
where One can remember with fondness and smile back
again thinking of the Experience shared

The Nameless Boy-Chotu

There is a boy named ‘Chotu’ in hindi means little I belief that this word ‘chotu’ is an insult to all the boys who works as child labor as if their parents never named their babies, he works sometimes at his Uncle’s groceries Shop. The boy looks as if he has no other place to go being only 12 in this tender age he has great responsibilities on his small shoulders!

I asked the Uncle the shop owner with whom I am a person he speaks about his children’s education, I questioned why does not this little boy go to school there are many schools which function as evening schools for the children who have to work. He answered the little boy earns five thousand rupees a month with great pride at his age; he tells Me that the boy has great responsibilities of his parents and in broken English the Uncle also lets me know that his parents have ‘huge debt’ which needs to be paid off and as far as taking care of this Boy he keeps him with his family so that the little boy can have assured rest and good food. But is that all a person can do!

I said if he earns that much at this small age of 12 and goes to school he would be able to help his parents and himself in many other ways, the Uncle politely replied “he doesnot to be educated.”
I never asked or questioned any such thing as to I and every citizen of India know what ‘Child Trafficking’ is defined and takes strict actions against the ‘Child labors’ which comes under Human Rights.
I see that boy always and really want to question that ‘would you love to go to school?’.
There is hypocrisy in the society where a person would do every thing for his own children and still will not let his own relative’s children to be educated. Why ? ‘Mere Jealousy’. The next is the blind folded walk that every human tries to walk away from the responsibilities of any kind where their own relations are not at stake is okay and the attitude speaks of ‘ I donot want to meddle in someone else’s matters.’

So it so happens that we the educated people shining somewhere in our certified degrees, working in reputed companies do not wish that someone can be our equal. Or is it that we are so much engrossed in our own lives that until ‘My house’ is burned let the other’s homes get burned and we will just pass on the sympathies!

I seriously would have helped the boy but the Uncle of the Shop would have shooed me away I know and that way the little boy will never know what his rights are. Fingers crossed will try to do something where he can shine as his Uncle’s children who are being educated in good schools and universities.

As I have written The Little Boy’s story he will never know that his childhood is taken away bey the debts and his Uncle whom he idolizes!

Look Back Towards Childhood and Past With Joy

Visit to places
in your life-time
one is your Childhood
and the other is your past
the days when you feel
washed out and drenched
visit these two places
both of them
that are very much
past tense
will give you
the immense happiness and joy
and Hope
where one
have started the journey and
where one
stands today
give yourself
the hope
which one will always
no matter where on earth one can be
or in Space
but when we lose Hope
we are held back
by chains
so look back towards
the Childhood and past
and count your blessings
which can give Faith
to work towards the
Hope of Today!

Believe in the Magic World

Believe in
Magic World
The believe in Magic World is not
a Hallucination created
To destroy the thoughts
of Real and Unreal
The Artists create
a world of Magic
to see the existence
of many unknown possibilities
which the Naked Eye
can see nothing off
Build a Magic World
To set self
Free, Liberated to
visualize and work on
the Possibilities which
until now did never exist
Believe that
the Unicorn and the Dragon
The Cinderella and Peter pan
Did to our Childhood remembrance
Make us believe that
Everything is possible
It is my work, in my thoughts
In my mind to make every situation
Acceptable and possible!
So let the Magic World have real powers!

What Makes One HATE

Do we not tend to draw the lines and boundaries when we do not like the person or a certain group. Is that really needed to self deattach from the feelings and emotions one is carrying negative. Why be so biased in the emotional front that we are no longer able to see the white and black and mostly forget about the grey shades. Is it not making us a little less developed in our thoughts.

Is it really necessary to make the person feel bad by ignoring them, are we doing the best thing. Think and understand what really is blocking our minds or sets our minds to react and eventually act in this manner. I am sure we will have the answer that we have been doing as a child. We have the immensence senses which we do not remember but somewhere do the exact manner which we had incorporated as a Child. We never get out of that process and make use of it time and again.

What really made us the way we think today and react which was installed to us as a child is that we ‘blocked’ the memory where we like the person so that we can inbuilt hatred for the person to move ahead. So we continued with it and as we grew we forgot that we always react in this manner most of the time. Blocking the thoughts of good thoughts and thinking about the thoughts which makes us hate is not build easy, so time is given to the thoughts which naturely builds and the hatred takes a concrete shape, so whenever something is not liked by the person leads the person to think in the ways which will automatically make the person bring the negative points it doesnot matter if the person in question has any bad points or not.

Does it really help the person who in builts hatred, no what really makes the person is it draws self in its own shell and doesnot communicate it with anyone. Or the hatred is built in such a way that one can no longer think good about the person. To hate a person is not a tough call. What is seriously worth trying is the love be build in a day? One needs to learn to see, analyze what is blocking or making the person hating the person for the ego, anger, resentment. It should be talked over and not settled as the sediments and never knowing why and what really made the person come to such thought process. Donot ignore one’s thoughts, try to calm down the wild emotions and react less to the feelings which gives less answers and more mixed or confused reactions.

Help self out of it or take help from a professional because it is not making only the self react in such a manner but the people who surrounds one do remotely be present in the life of that person, though they love to be in their life, they are too scared to be a part in your life!
Love has more to do with love and nothing to do with hatred, if hatred needs cure get it cured.

Empowerment to Childhood

Every child must have a right to beautiful childhood. I see children playing at times feels the heart with a thought that Yes, I too have had a wonderful childhood. One who has seen a good childhood would appreciate and live a balanced live.

Some of the children who could not have a good childhood will have trouble in balancing ACT of life.
Does it really matter in life to have a good childhood or being brought up in a bad childhood?

Yes, it surely matters a lot. One can only imagine the aftermath of not having that ‘Healthy childhood’ affecting the Peace of mind and living in the Society. One in couple of people is one female or man who is struggling to better his life but really cannot have it because of the kind of childhood one had. It haunts the person as a teenager, later bringing up their own children becomes a ‘struggle’.

In Life one needs to have a ‘balanced life’ of every part of the SEASON in our stay on this Earth. So if in the start one has a ‘bumpy start’ one needs to do something about it. One cannot go to the past tense and start having the correction and a have that wonderful childhood. So what does one do about it. We can all talk or speak about it. It should have an impact in one’s life. Speaking about the ‘bruises’ one has got in life is not the easiest communication one will have but one has to give it a try.

Its our life. God has given this life of ours not to ‘waste’ on thoughts which he himself have done it. He wants to be a survivor in our own with a little help from others. Next question would be if God himself did this to us why does he want us to be ‘healed’? The answer to the question is he wanted us to heal ourselves get going and moving in our Life, and help people who are going through this. Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE in our Life as long as we know which DIRECTION we are moving and being FOCUSED.

So why is that CHILDHOOD so important for us!

We all know there are countries who are in Civil Wars and so the people of many such nations are moving out of their own countries being refugees for their lives. So the children end up being in a strange place trying to get amenities and most importantly that ‘bread’ for that hungry tummy. The children all forget about the childhood and live their lives mostly in trauma.

Some children go through nothing like that but are mostly ‘bullied’ in their childhood that they end up being bullies themselves, or cannot function properly in the Society.The peer pressure was so much that they could not help themselves at that point of life.

There are children who show the signs that nothing really affected them but in reality they are very much in the fire, and know not where to find help or ask for it. These children are mostly those who have been ‘sexually abused’ or ‘molested’ against their will. Tough to speak about their experiences to any one, but if happen to share give some time of yours to listen to them and help them out. They speak the least!

If you happen to know any person who is trying to share something about their childhood just listen, speak nothing aggressive or negative about the circumstances or situations they lived in just let those words come out, and let them heal their own souls!

It can be the most beautiful remembrance one can share with their own grandchildren when we have the best Childhood.

*Happy Reading*