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The Vision, You & Destiny – Code

In My Vision

I see You

I am in a Phase

of My Life

where I accept

“Everything or Nothing at all”

My Vision has a Clarity

has a message

I understand nothing about

I see it often!

I keep questioning

The Universe

the Fate, the Destiny,

Why, Why You, there are Many,

to Choose from

why it had to Be!

There is a Vision

I cannot Decode

May be the Time has not yet ARRIVED!

For many unknown Reasons- Its You, Forever & Ever!

In The Name Of Persuasion

In the name of Persuasion
it no longer remains a Game
when two Hearts come in contact

The first day I saw into your eyes
I knew I never connected to your Soul
I tried to searched, perceived my True Heart
Into the belief that My Soul connects with Yours
But it was in VAIN!

I should have known because Hearts never Lie!
My poor Heart(not self-pitying) always tried to be happy around You
Happy when You were Happy, Sad when You were Sad
But similar thing never happened
when I was Happy, You were not;
I was Sad You went ahead being Happy for your matters

I just took way to much time, wasted couple of Light years of my Life
To understand that I never connected to Your Soul

My Belief and Feeling became stronger
that Love never happens at First Sight!

Vibes The Souls Created

The voice is a tune
tune which lingers in my Soul
It lets a vibration of positivity
You may never know that vibes
You make me jump in happiness and joy
Nothing is given by You
The Smile that glitters in Your eyes
make My eyes shine when I say a random joke
I love You no matter what happens
I know You were meant to be Mine
That Soul of Yours has connected with Mine
Ages ago, You and I never knew about it

My Love, do not Leave Me Alone

Love me as
I have never been loved
touch my heart
as I have never been touched
come to me
as you will never depart
keep me awake
at odd hours
so I can see the fire flies
with my naked eyes
But for now be with me
Do not leave me
and make me
feel alone
Accompany me in this
Sit beside me and
tell a joke
I will laugh enough
without any annoyance
give me the oxygen
which I want to breath
with you
no matter how
bad a glimpse
of the past was
just be the Hope
for me at the moment
and tell me that you
will not leave me alone