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Aspire to Inspire

Aspire to Inspire

in your Unique, Genuine ways

Differentiate in your behaviour, attitude, mannerism – if may be

Be someone who can be always approached

not to be taboo-ed or thought to be fearful

Be a person of Genuine Heart

who is Influential in the matters

which makes Thee

the most sought after in

nano seconds of Your absence

in The Universe

The Palmistry

I know
I can see the Lines in Your palm
I can see the Sun, the Moon
Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Pluto
Neptune and The Mercury.

What I see in Your hands
is the Ability to be Calm, Patient, Tolerant
I know the hand You will hold tightly
will be One Lucky Gal
who will Adore, Admire and RESPECT
You the Most!

Bless Your hands for being a Strong Soul and Compassionate Heart.

Sweep You From The Hindrance

I wish I could show You the Thousand Suns
The Burning RED MOON
The Dancing Stars

That is the Wish to sweep You from
the dwellings and hindrance that Your Heart
bubbles and never questions about!

You will be glad to the sight seeing
that will keep You laughing and crying
because of the Jokes I crack with a Wink! 😉

Arise from the petty issues
I am there Waiting for You

Vibes The Souls Created

The voice is a tune
tune which lingers in my Soul
It lets a vibration of positivity
You may never know that vibes
You make me jump in happiness and joy
Nothing is given by You
The Smile that glitters in Your eyes
make My eyes shine when I say a random joke
I love You no matter what happens
I know You were meant to be Mine
That Soul of Yours has connected with Mine
Ages ago, You and I never knew about it

Confusions All Around

I am Confused at MY Heart
I have very little Idea
How to take a little information
that an individual helps the Heart
To make the Heart grow fonder
or is it going to hurt again!

Strange is the way
when Help is offered
because when confusion lurks
I want to be safe at the land
than swimming the stormy weather
But seems have to jump in the waters
To check out how will have to see behind the Mist!

This Summer Fire My HEART

This Summer I want
My Soul to quench its thirst
My Heart to be filled with happiness
This Summer as the sun soars high
makes the Earth all charged up
I want my Soul to fill the urge to be connected
My Heart singing the tune in madness
This Summer I want
My Soul to not cry for rain
My Heart not filling the Heat
But should it not be thy Heart whose thirst must be quenched.