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Your Life is yours all know it, but some are Confused to an extend- that they let many others Decide for them in the least knowledge or maybe Knowingly, How Evilish some can workout a Whirlwind, What are You then? A Mere Visitor of your Life? You let others quote who is good or bad for your Life when you can see Everything with your Clairvoyant eyes!

Somewhere deep in my heart you rise, Somewhere deep in my heart you make me fall, Sometimes you tell me not to trust me, Odd times you want me to have faith in you, Why are you so confused with yourself, Its Life One day you ought to take risk, why keep waiting!


Guilty are the individuals
who will hide their Sins
Attack the innocent, make them look Dishonest
It is not that the truth will not reveal itself
But for the time being
The Guilty enjoys the ride- Scenario
of playing the Honest, Sympathetic & Manipulating details
Fools are those who are Bondaged by
Confusions and Doubts.

The Destroying Word-DOUBT

This Life of mine
I learned One brooding word- DOUBT

This word has the Capability and Capacity
to make human relations
from Good to Worse
It is so POWERFUL that it can make
the Heart weak, the Brain rage
with Revenge or sadden
the situation or circumstance
One might find Thee!

So please : If in in Doubt
consult the Individual or look out for ways to solve
rather than strike back and Revenge
which is an action which can never be taken back.

Undercurrent Waters

Confusion in your mind
Thoughts puzzled
Letting the dark waters engulf You
So is it that the waters have become Powerful than You
Dare You say YES, You are giving a chance to the Devil
which is half the way through your Shadow
It will take moments to devour your Soul
Keep the faith and believe in SELF,
work like the Hummingbird all day and night long!

One’s Heart Never Lies

Do not sulk in unhealthy relations
If Your heart knows that You are not
meant to be with this person
get out of the relation
Keep it healthy from the outside
being a friend forever
but not as a Lover
If You have committed also
Look within your own Heart
and answer the question
Are You happy with yourself being the person
Your Heart will never lie to You
You bet!

Challenges Awaiting/New Experience Awaiting!!!!

Seems like I am hearing the songs
from the God’s Music station
I am just not yet sure though
is it the steps which I was waiting
for many years or are they the songs
which will make a different experience
what ever it is have to accept with
the Innocence and the Heart that
I will have to walk the path
which God wants Me
there is no other way but to always move forward
and take on the challenges he wants to see
what I do handle them