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Infinite Growth Of Mind

The World around Me 

grows every centimetre of Nano second 

That is pure Bliss of Happiness

to be on EARTH 

My Inner Mind keeps buzzing

Keep Growing Within as well keeps growing others via Sharing

Creativity is one such word which keeps visualizing with the Power of Imagination to keep the Mind in flow of thoughts which we actualize and develop with the means, craft and skill to be the best in help of Humankind in all major fields to watch Humankind to grow and nurture the Future Generation.

I Cannot Write

I cannot write anything as beautifully
But still I write as the fingers guide Me
to the keyboard, I type the words
as the Heart becomes My eyes,
I see nothing but the Mind and the fingers typing
the words,
and Yes, as occasionally check the spelling of the words
I become the Noctural being whose Mind, Heart and fingers
feel and believed by the forces work on the words
Words start making sentences
give New meaning to many things said Nth number of times

My Thought Process In Progression

Sometimes my head runs with so many thoughts where the words are running from the left lobe of the brain in the neurotic search of a better counter-part to do the research on my right lobe of the brain cells which seems to be less focusing or might be least interested on a particular ‘uneventful day’ to speak of! Dreams seem to be scarce and find that I am dreaming the same episode again and again, making my mind have a thought what is the matter that my creative juices have run out off which is great needs of nourishment from the Nature. There are days when I end up speaking way to much which is less focused and intended on doing something resourceful rather than discovering the new actress and their fashion statements to be discussed without much of a choice.

I would rather like myself to be alone at times for hours so that some particular and refined words can pass through the window and I can catch it like the ‘fire glow worm’ start playing with the idea. How incredible will be my life without the words which I need to keep on experimenting with all kinds of other words to make it sound alright as I am by no means a Perfect person so my words are not perfect. I seriously have dull moments where I can not think of a beautiful word which can be played with least written about. I end up with days where I just do not want write a word where I get way too moody or lazy! Yes! by all means I am born with these two important qualities to keep me ‘moving’! 😉
Rest assured I believe in the determination of ‘The Terminator’ where I can set a goal plan for the couple of days work on I earnestly.

So it is the right lobe of my brain that is making me write all the words or to please I would mention it is ‘helping’ me as I am a Right-handed person!

My best topic of thought process where I keep floating with buoyancy is If Sir Issac Newton did not find out the ‘Gravitational Laws’ than how would I know that birds will never fly under the water and fishes will never swim in the Sky. The apple will always fall on the ground when it is rotten and not when it young and ripe! 😉

My 301st Post, Appreciation To Creativity

Wow I posted my 300th blog, time passes by and I did not really realize I had written in this two months.

Looking back it was always I am skeptical and wondering will my words make ‘sense and sensibility’. Writing seriously for me is like a stress buster and gets me to the place where I am in World of words where every emotion and feeling is transferred amazingly with the great depth which I always look forward too. What is that pushes me to writing is the fact that I started writing poetry as a Child and showed it to my Dad who told me to give more time to the creativity. But it was all lost once studies became ‘prime time show’ of my life and running after that great Job!

It seems everything again had to set in the path and I started writing again. It was never I wrote I always maintain a Diary from childhood I just love it, no dark secrets for sure 😉 Time and again could never think of it and lost it in the depth of the Sea mind of mine that will never be able to get in touch with it.

Thank God for that it again resurfaced and I started focusing on it for I wanted to get the thoughts in the permanent ink. Love it I must say.

Blogging is perfect because all the individuals I keep on meeting via Blogsphere are all Creative and Unique in their field. There is so much interesting things which is shared every day for learning which is truly ‘Valuable’.

To appreciate a Flower one has to step outside to the garden and see the flower from all the dimensions to the degrees one can see, touch the petals, smell the perfume which it is sharing and feel the beauty which is making the garden look beautiful.

So we have to enable and venture out and think of many ways in which we all can share and appreciate as well give dimensions which are being found every time in the mind and thoughts which are put into words and passed on to the post.

Creativity flows from open doors and gets in touch with every soul and like minded persons who are in their ways contributing and thinking of different ways to get the creativity understood. Some one surly had to venture out one day and that day was the great day as some one dared to take risk and adventure out in the open field which was not known to many. So speaks the Creativity in many ways have to be dared and accepted by many people who not able to understand the flow of it.

Positivity And Instinct Carry The Creativity

Chanel one’s spirit and soul directly to the work you intend to do and actions one has thought of. Never look back and give a stare to the people who are mocking you. They have indeed no idea what you are instinctively alarmed about that makes you work around for the benefit of many a races. Do not feel ashamed of your work, each person has a first day to what it has to do creatively what should be important is your know-how about the subject and how you tackle and share your invention back to the people. Never give up in the middle path once you have started with it. Rise above the many who questions your objective and let time pass and excel in your creative venture. Let the critics praise then and appreciate it.

Let your fear met with adventure you never thought of undertaking. Fear once fought half of the battle is won. What next is the path till you are assured that you can share your work with the known and unknown. Let negativity at the beach and tell it to bask the sun rays which it never really does.

Look forward to positivity always like you never have met negativity in life. One’s own acknowledgement to positive outlook will always assure you that you are doing the right thing and on the right path. Look out for the analysis that gives you immense satisfaction to the work you are doing. Creativity is a field where some one will find something very new each moment. Leave nothing for tomorrow if you have the findings today.

As a writer always write when the words start flowing from the mind through the fingers to the permanent ink. One will find many persons doing something new in the creative field every single moment, I too get awe struck when I feel I have to know such many things most of the time.

Lastly never judge your work and appreciate the critics work, one’s instincts will tell if one is doing the right thing or not!