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Right Karma

Justifying One’s actions
by doing the wrong actions
and trying to give false proofs
will never justify the actions
it will one day reveal the
wrong actions
and the truth will come
open in the Universe
so the deeds which
many people do
thinking that they can get
away with it is
a wrong gesture proving
the actions
One’s Karma in doing the
right actions can only
give the fruits of the
Right Deeds

Guarantees In Life

What is guaranteed in life
one’s friends
one’s foes
one’s knowledge which one acquires
one’s dreams which one aspires for
one’s goals which one makes
one’s actions which one does
Life takes no guarantees
For one’s reactions
why react in a manner
which calls for anyone to leave
until unless one tells anyone
to leave
why should reactions let
anyone down and make the
person leave
Define every deed in a manner
That it guarantees the stamp
where one leaves a mark
A mark which no one can
Define every action which brings
every other human closer to one
Can any one live on this
Earth without any other person
we are humans who want
to be loved and give love
share our emotions, wishes and happiness
Guarantees are none
that will bring any other
person to be with us
except the deeds we do
Never take a hasty decision or action
which leaves one alone
what will one achieve being alone
Solace is a different ball game altogether
but being alone is loneliness
so guarantees are few in life
and let we humans be
surrounded by the love and nothing
less commitment and warranties are less
more than the deeds we approve for our lives!

Kindness Gets One Going

Be passionate about kindness. Think no further when one is doing a kind act of ‘giving’. We always give to our loved ones, so giving a needy stranger is an action which really was inbuilt in an individual as a child. The seed of kindness will take the shape of a plant after years when it will only become a habit, a very good act which a kind hearted person keep continuing without the mere thought of a return gift.

We as children and adults look out for rewards in actions we do, but only a passionate and a compassionate heart will do the acts without thinking of any favor to be returned. Why should we always look for anything in return if we have everything necessary to us. Give something and be blessed to look forward to give more that should be a motto in life. Why pack our hearts with some returns in life, the more we seek the more we will be disappointed. What makes a kind heart keep going is the abundance the individual thinks it has to give, not necessarily materialism but words of compassion and a warm hug, a smile. It doesnot cost anything to that much, does it? Learning to lead one’s own life in an atmosphere of kindness teaches us a lot to be one who we will become without becoming selfish.

Selfishness will take a person to the place where one will always expect something in favor in return. Even a stone was a seat! Everything in nature has something to give us, but do we give them anything in return to what we are taking from it. How many plants have one planted to see the greenery!

Live in the hearts of persons whom one has helped, in their prayers and being blessed for what one could do even it be very little. But that little has such an impact that one will be suprised to see how one gets out of the hurdles because one was in the prayers. Someone and many others have blessed the act of kindness.Providing someone with the faith and trust is a belief that one can only install, no one has the powerful impact other than the self to do what one can do. The act of giving might look small in one’s eyes but that is a big gesture of showing a person that one cares. One’s own deeds will take a karmic action where one will be liberated as a true soul where one is not attached to the sins and greed but to the one that has always taught to be a free spirited bird. Be the person who can be free from the connections which not only make one selfish but makes a person being attached to the nitty gritty of not being a peaceful soul. If a person does any act for a return reaction one will learn later in life that nothing in reality is attached to self. Stop being the person who will be an obstacle in one’s own path, liberate and thank god that you could get out of the attachments and make your life more worthy of living by giving not a few people but alot of people.

Never sympathize the people who are needy make them liberated from the grudges of debts that are holding them within their feelings and emotions which are composed and blocking their own paths to the become a peaceful soul. Preach what one practice. Be a person who is so liberated that even any negative force attacked by who soever can even heal that too with one’s kindness. Kill the negative thoughts in a negative person that will set the person out of the attachment of being so unkind, free the person from the negativity. Do not look forward to the thanksgiving sentence from the person one helped might not know that you are helping them from the burdens of past soul, just be thankful in heart that one could help the soul! Peace is important to make the soul free from the clutches of the negativity very few understands, so make efforts to make the ‘pixie dust’ effective in lives of those who are attached to negativity.

Do a kind act everyday save a soul, liberate a soul.

Being Unselfish Helps one’s KARMA

Do we doubt when we are giving or sharing with the rest of the people we know or donot know. Is it our work be an unselfish person by offering help to the needy. We upton times wonder why we need to give or if we give the offer to help we are ridiculed when the same is not offered back, or if offered back it has a ‘motive’ to have something in return- a selfish account. We back ourselves out of such known individuals or strangers who would use our help to achieve or make us step down. Never try to even think for a split second that one is doing a wrong work. Believe in thy self that what goes around comes around in a way we never thought of. Situations might mostly be that a single individual is taking a lot of space by taking our help should we stop helping, Yes but when will one know which is the right moment to stop. When one knows that it is petty issue which the individual can work upon by self. Another time is the situation when an individual will not work on its own only the reason being that his ‘lazy’. Stop one’s focus and channel the energy on the individuals who really cannot do a lot of things for certain period of time. We as people too need help but we grow up with the thought that we will be independant once we regained the source of our passion. Needless to say we will counter and stumble with many people who will need help at many times of their life time, and if we happen to be the individual do it. Never think that one will get a return gift for that.

In every person’s life one meets with an individual who shave helped a lot of individuals, with a lot of suggestions, motivation, positivity; but couple of individuals never returned back with a smile but surerly took the advice the help. Needless to say the person was hurt, but did that stop the individual from helping the new people he met. The answer is a big NO. Why should the individual change the only act God has built up with providing help some needy person in that particular situation one will do best to comfort.

Its the positivity which keeps a person working on the goal where one knows have to do a lot of deeds without being selfish looking for that pat on back but to the soul and KARMA in this Life. Believe in Karma and God the person who knows will have to do until one can give no more.

Be the optimist in life where whatever happens and the kind of bickering one has to go through for no reason of yours, never stop with the good work. Never be the selfish person who does a deed because one is looking for the result in a selfish motive. Understanding the fact that only good Karma can only make us and take us close to God nothing else can. If a known person dies very early everyone will remember the person by the deeds the person has done and not the number of years he or she lived for.

All of us will only be remembered by our deeds in small or big way whatever difference we could make in the Humankind and keeping the faith that good people do exist no matter what happens, someone is there who will do the actions which will help one achieve a needy person’s joy to being helped.

*Happy Reading*