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The sea is deep, its known for its Depth, its depth is measured only by Few why? Many have fear and misconceptions and overthink in their Mind, They belief they can never see the bottom of the sea life that lives in harmony, they belief there are sea monsters or mermaids who will make them like one of them! They never take on the Advanture and live with the Fear, until someone does swim in the deep sea
voila come Alive with the adventure to be told many, many years later too they had experienced an Adventure of a Lifetime!

Ignite Thee Soul

Let me at least
Ignite a Soul or two
to make them feel
how they never felt
in their life time
to Reach to their
Depths which are
making a Cry
to be reached and Searched

Let me Ignite a Soul or two
to make a difference
in their minds
the thoughts they never
want to accept openly

Let their be light and Hope
in the Souls and let
they Shine and Glow
in the Light which
they find in themselves

There are times
when they are
much in unknowing
what Powers they
carry and least
are aware
what Force they
can Create
with the Knowledge and Wisdom
they are Born with

Let me Ignite a Soul or two

Understanding You

Understanding you
I thought was easy
latter I knew
I never understood
Your depth
You never gave an
a chance
to give a shot
giving a try
a chance
to lives
which we could
our Souls
We were always
to be together
do not deject
without trying
life is all about
why withdraw
inside the crust
when water will wash away
whatever we countered
Past has nothing
to do with the present
the future