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In A World Of Kalyug

I had once set my path with an unsuitable person

thinking maybe that’s the destiny

universe removed it – Proved its point thoroughly.

But in this world of kalyug

of selfishly motivated individuals

why do I still have faith

that someone, somewhere,

a suitable person does exist.

His Desire

He kissed many a lip to feel

Yet He yearns for the One

who would be breath taking moment

For Him

With whom He can connect 

With hearts and  feel one Soul

For that lips He desires

His lips has forever been dry for Her

His eyes wants to catch the glimpse 

of that Lost girl he sees in his lucid dream

He wants to hold Her for real this time!




Desired Life If I Want

I wish only to make
couple of memories
in that I add few important colors
rest I keep mixing to get the Desired affect
So is Life
I have to keep adding
the Right Individuals to live and have Fun
no matter how many wrong individuals might have entered for the wrong affect!

This Summer Fire My HEART

This Summer I want
My Soul to quench its thirst
My Heart to be filled with happiness
This Summer as the sun soars high
makes the Earth all charged up
I want my Soul to fill the urge to be connected
My Heart singing the tune in madness
This Summer I want
My Soul to not cry for rain
My Heart not filling the Heat
But should it not be thy Heart whose thirst must be quenched.

I, Surrender

I always fought
against the God’s will
thinking that waging War against Him
will bring the Destiny I always desired to have
Alas! God made sure with all his tactful Strategic ways
that I am his Puppet in his hands
So I gladly surrender to his wishes and remain peaceful and calm
when there is a war within my Mind
when there is a war within my Heart
when I cannot do nothing in the situations
situations which are beyond My Control
I know now that he check the temperature
of my Mind and Heart!

Look For The Home

Look for the Home
in which you want
to settle down
has the light
from the Hearts of two
to make it One Light shining

Look for the Home
in which you are the enzyme
your partner the substrate
which locks both of you
in a unique way

Look for the Home
in which belief and faith
moves always in, no matter
how hard the circumstances abject.