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Island Of Dream

Walk the way
Take the path
which leads One
to the Passion
which has given One the sleepless nights
Longer the distance to the finish line that One views
Only makes the One work determined to take steps which
will make the surviving of the Passion in the Heart
To cross the seas and lands to reach the Island of Dream

My Dreams Wants To See The Light

I am Fearful
of sharing
my dreams
which I vision every
single day and night
whilst I might
be crucified
for thinking
out of text
but If I
donot share
how will I
know if someone
else visions thee same!
Share those wild
adventurous Dreams
which can be
put piece by piece
and maze field
I was dreaming
can become
the playground

Love Yourself That Is Respecting Yourself

Love yourself that love yourself is not a selfish love towards yourself but will certainly teach you to love the passions and make you follow the dreams which you have cherished and wanted the persons and strangers to know about what are we is that we want to make an impression and leave a mark in people’s heart and brain. Be the person who can make a difference in the society for that one needs to understand that self love will make that work towards that dreams come true. Understand that simple word of loving self is an important mission and vision to respect self and make an curvature in your world which we all live in. That understanding will only come when our dream is so much on our mind that we are nothing but gong to make the people know what we are here to make a huge difference in the world.

Support your heart mind and brain by taking those steps in life and making that mark in the world of yours. People and the loved ones might not understand at first but in times they will understand why you love yourself and what difference it is making in your life. Follow none but follow the mentor who have a huge experience, never follow even your mentor blindly. Understand your passions and dreams and what are the right steps which makes you work hard to the steps. Be brave and courageous. Have guts and take risks.