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Man worships the Godess to give him Intelligence,
Man worships the Godess to give him Power,

Then, Man abuses, beats and maligns a Lady in the human form, to prove that He is a Man, to prove that he wants to be Respected, to prove that He is always right, no matter his words and actions might be wrong. Here in it shows that Man in a fundamentalist society wants to proof to the Lady that He is a Hypocrite ruling the Society with HYPOCRISY!

Arrogance & Ego

Ego and Arrogance
are two inseparable words
Humans who have in them
have something missing in them that
they always want to proof
They are RIGHT
They lack the thought process that
they need not prove who they are
unless they are not Confident and lack low Self Esteem!


What Makes One HATE

Do we not tend to draw the lines and boundaries when we do not like the person or a certain group. Is that really needed to self deattach from the feelings and emotions one is carrying negative. Why be so biased in the emotional front that we are no longer able to see the white and black and mostly forget about the grey shades. Is it not making us a little less developed in our thoughts.

Is it really necessary to make the person feel bad by ignoring them, are we doing the best thing. Think and understand what really is blocking our minds or sets our minds to react and eventually act in this manner. I am sure we will have the answer that we have been doing as a child. We have the immensence senses which we do not remember but somewhere do the exact manner which we had incorporated as a Child. We never get out of that process and make use of it time and again.

What really made us the way we think today and react which was installed to us as a child is that we ‘blocked’ the memory where we like the person so that we can inbuilt hatred for the person to move ahead. So we continued with it and as we grew we forgot that we always react in this manner most of the time. Blocking the thoughts of good thoughts and thinking about the thoughts which makes us hate is not build easy, so time is given to the thoughts which naturely builds and the hatred takes a concrete shape, so whenever something is not liked by the person leads the person to think in the ways which will automatically make the person bring the negative points it doesnot matter if the person in question has any bad points or not.

Does it really help the person who in builts hatred, no what really makes the person is it draws self in its own shell and doesnot communicate it with anyone. Or the hatred is built in such a way that one can no longer think good about the person. To hate a person is not a tough call. What is seriously worth trying is the love be build in a day? One needs to learn to see, analyze what is blocking or making the person hating the person for the ego, anger, resentment. It should be talked over and not settled as the sediments and never knowing why and what really made the person come to such thought process. Donot ignore one’s thoughts, try to calm down the wild emotions and react less to the feelings which gives less answers and more mixed or confused reactions.

Help self out of it or take help from a professional because it is not making only the self react in such a manner but the people who surrounds one do remotely be present in the life of that person, though they love to be in their life, they are too scared to be a part in your life!
Love has more to do with love and nothing to do with hatred, if hatred needs cure get it cured.

Never Be Pulled Down, keep The DREAM ALIVE!!!

Never be pulled down or bullied by people who love or sees a lot of threat in your aspirations.

Trying to comfort their EGO is good, but never let your dreams crumble down and fall apart for them. One walks one’s own journey, you love it or hate you are going to build that house to home by your own efforts and experiences that you are learning all your life. Situations will always try to make us kneel us down to break apart and forget about the dream that has taken so much space in our HEART.

Understanding how to keep up the passion and working on it is not a burden for those who know that the dream is more important to be alive to make the passion into a realistic dream into a practical project which will see the light one coming day. Stop listening to the critics who have nothing much to advice you more than the fact that everything comes to the story that its not pulling upstairs an inch near to the dream but negating to a mile downstairs. One knows when one has set a mind working on the dream who actually are the people who will pull nearer and help the situation so that one can give time to the dream rest will make a huge hue and cry to it and make a fuss that it is only a wastage of time and effort into silly things.

Learning is the game of life where in reality we play ‘CHESS’ where we are diplomatic, clever, witty and to some extend blunt and wise to pull situations to make everything revolving around the circle of our dream. Who ever works on the dream project knows a lot how one has to give a lot of effort and time to the rudeness and negative actions committed by the people. One who works on a dream is the person who is putting his time and energy into it because it will be helpful for community at large. Any person whom we have read about never did any work for their benefit only, and if they did it for their own benefit it was liked by the masses and got the popularity so the work had to be modified and shared to the rest of the people. Negotiating with one’s own time to be available to the work and being disciplined to make the best effort to work on the project is majorly letting oneself know that we are making an inch to inch progress towards making it possibly accessible to the masses.

Learn to benefit human at large one will know that as an individual in the society we have made the right move to be making the right impact positively.

*Happy Reading*