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The Healer

Someone’s Profession is to help to stay Alive
Others is to Heal the Sore wounds
to put the invisible Medicine
of Compassion and Positivity
The Healer
helps the Inflicted Human
with Words and Actions
which makes the Human Mind and Heart to Stability

If You are One who has the Healer’s Mind will know as I know. There is nothing Pretentious and Fake about the Healers!

Growing Up- An Optional Choice

Growing up is an Optional Choice
Some make it with the responsibilities
which too are choices
Some make it with the priorities
which they have to take up without any Choice available

There are many who never grow up
they end up being Selflishly taking care and nurturing Thee Self
Nothing much of a Difference
that it makes in their lives
they Love themselves to the extend -they view themselves Always RIGHT

Priorities and Responsibilities
are mostly Karma- the Deeds
that One has to take care of
because One is Lucky enough
to Nurture and Care as much the others Cared and Nurtured Thy self!
It is not everyone’s Cup of Tea or Coffee
But when a choice has been made have to stick to the it
till the last promise is Fulfilled