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You are not my cliff nor my edge, You are not my rage nor my anguish, You are not my hatred nor my revenge, You are not my pain nor my sorrow, You are not my indulgence of madness of psychopath, You are my Faith and Hope, You are a Healer of Healers. So You will always be an Achiever, You are the Sun though not seen in the fog nor vanishes in the clouds. You will always be Thee, believe it or not, perceive it or not.

Hold on to the thought which wakes you and doesnot let you sleep, Makes you see visions in your dreams, Those dreams are remembered as they repeat themselves every night in the subconscious state, Yes, your instincts are true there is the Light waiting for you when you find and reach the tunnel that you dug for many others to let them see what they see through it and find for themselves!

Who is a Soul Mate? How do I know it is the One? Why do few individuals look for the answer? What are the exquisite or ordinary detailings in such a person? Why are some hearts so fulfilled to find the One? There surly is an answer many find and many just leave it!

One DAY- Happy Day

One day You will be
You encouraged yourself
to let the WORDS out a Voice
You will live Peacefully
that You did a Thing
out of the BOX
Something which no one
ever thought You CAN
It is about Encouragement and Being Hopeful
Nothing Bugging and Hurting
any Individual

A New Chapter

A New Chapter
always opens in every Individual’s Life
No matter it was asking it or not!

We always wish for the BEST
Hopeful about being positive vibes
That’s Life as we know

Accepting what is coming forth
is a Welcoming Hopeful Vibration
to any given situation

Never being desperate
taking each step small at a TIME
is more of a movement
that we all are PROGRESSING
in LIFE!

Sweep You From The Hindrance

I wish I could show You the Thousand Suns
The Burning RED MOON
The Dancing Stars

That is the Wish to sweep You from
the dwellings and hindrance that Your Heart
bubbles and never questions about!

You will be glad to the sight seeing
that will keep You laughing and crying
because of the Jokes I crack with a Wink! 😉

Arise from the petty issues
I am there Waiting for You

The Nameless Boy-Chotu

There is a boy named ‘Chotu’ in hindi means little I belief that this word ‘chotu’ is an insult to all the boys who works as child labor as if their parents never named their babies, he works sometimes at his Uncle’s groceries Shop. The boy looks as if he has no other place to go being only 12 in this tender age he has great responsibilities on his small shoulders!

I asked the Uncle the shop owner with whom I am a person he speaks about his children’s education, I questioned why does not this little boy go to school there are many schools which function as evening schools for the children who have to work. He answered the little boy earns five thousand rupees a month with great pride at his age; he tells Me that the boy has great responsibilities of his parents and in broken English the Uncle also lets me know that his parents have ‘huge debt’ which needs to be paid off and as far as taking care of this Boy he keeps him with his family so that the little boy can have assured rest and good food. But is that all a person can do!

I said if he earns that much at this small age of 12 and goes to school he would be able to help his parents and himself in many other ways, the Uncle politely replied “he doesnot to be educated.”
I never asked or questioned any such thing as to I and every citizen of India know what ‘Child Trafficking’ is defined and takes strict actions against the ‘Child labors’ which comes under Human Rights.
I see that boy always and really want to question that ‘would you love to go to school?’.
There is hypocrisy in the society where a person would do every thing for his own children and still will not let his own relative’s children to be educated. Why ? ‘Mere Jealousy’. The next is the blind folded walk that every human tries to walk away from the responsibilities of any kind where their own relations are not at stake is okay and the attitude speaks of ‘ I donot want to meddle in someone else’s matters.’

So it so happens that we the educated people shining somewhere in our certified degrees, working in reputed companies do not wish that someone can be our equal. Or is it that we are so much engrossed in our own lives that until ‘My house’ is burned let the other’s homes get burned and we will just pass on the sympathies!

I seriously would have helped the boy but the Uncle of the Shop would have shooed me away I know and that way the little boy will never know what his rights are. Fingers crossed will try to do something where he can shine as his Uncle’s children who are being educated in good schools and universities.

As I have written The Little Boy’s story he will never know that his childhood is taken away bey the debts and his Uncle whom he idolizes!