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Existence To Non-Existence ~ Nature’s Way

Spoonful of moonshine sprinkled

on the Gulmohar flowers 

as it heavenly perfumed

making the on goers drowsy

Nothing could have gone wrong

until a heavy shower of scattered rain 

brought many a bunch of flowers 

to its death, yet its vibrant colour remained untounced.


Gulmohar Flowers- Delonix regia


Urban Forests

It taunted at her existence every time She opened her eyes

It made Her existence nothing more of a value

She was chained, caged with a dream

She never knows how she envisioned and cherishes to fulfill

She gulped the screams of the winds howled by the pine trees

She left her comfort long time back

when she met the Philosopher in the strange lands

She is a Gypsy, caged, chained in the urban forests.

The Fool’s Heaven

The Fool’s Heaven
is a palatial haven
where they have all Hallucinations
Divulging from the path
which needs to be taken care off
To the place where
they keep fooling around
and keeping themselves aloof
of what is the core of Existence
for themselves.

It is not of great concern to Us
Not at all!
But once a while they enter our Existing Gardens of living
Sipping a cup of Green Tea & basking the Sun

Give them the real Sun’s heat
they run off
to Far off Land and disappear within seconds.

Do It Speak The Words

Have You done Enough?
Have You spoken the Words that matter your existence
to Her’s or Him?

If You haven’t, then dono’t Waste Time
Say it look like a Fool
infront from Him/Her
but still do it
You never know what is in store for You
Live with the words then make it possible
But still Do it!