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Two Feelings

There are two Feelings 

which will Never make sense 

too many Individuals Breathing with Logic

One – Love

Two – Magic

Believe it or Not

will be under the Influence

of One’s Confidence that 

There are many works of Universe 

which can never be explained, surly can be Experienced

never can be Understood totally but never says that can be Untrue!

Your Story, Your Experiences

In My Mind I knew always

I cannot let every Stone turned into a Flower petal

I wish I could make you walk on the waters without making a Ripple

I wish I could make You Fly without the Wings

I still would Love to see You Smile 

with Your Inner Beauty to the Obstacles 

Life throws at You 

You will Learn through it 

You will Live Your Story.

Thank You Goddess Venus For Being Around Earth

I really wanna thank the Venus – The Goddess of Love

for Bestowing this enormous Feeling called – Love

To feel that We are gliding in the clouds

Watching elephants Fly, Unicorns being Unicorns!

The place every Lover 

hold hands with that One person God made!

The Heaven on Earth with Reality Intact!

I feel really sad for the Individuals who donot want to feel the Love when it keeps knocking from every corner. They Self-doubt and lead a cancer to spread from the outside world too. I just Wish they could let themselves let go, feel the Love. Without experiencing the Feeling how can anyone leave this Planet! It is not necessary One would be in Pain of being betrayed!

Change the Mindset! Live the Life which is a Blessing by God! 🙂

Symmetry With Beliefs

Never Doubt your present tense

since your past tense was in One colour

Never abject your future tense

since your past tense was in no great Inspiration & Aspiration

What happens & will keep on happening 

to Brighten your Present & Future

Belief in Self 

Have different ways of seeing your Beliefs 

Do not reject a great Idea if it is symmetric with Your Beliefs!

Experience counts more than the Theoretical Knowledge

That should be the -Belief above all beliefs!

Why do You set in motion of being ‘influenced’? When there is major option of differentiating in opinions. It is called ‘Dimension’, why not try to see a given situation with your point of view rather than being influenced. Human Mind has a varied capacity we all know! ~ Human Mind ~

The Experience Of Its Kind

The Newer You is the One who has gone

through the Experience of ‘Its kind’

the weirdness, the details, the opportunities, the absurds

were to be experienced only by You!

The Universe wanted You and only You

to have that experience

many of the individuals You met or will meet

will never understand your experiences

some of them will not even Belief it,

mostly they would be or has been Curious to know.

The experiences have really ‘shaped, changed and transformed

You to the new You which some will find weird not the same You

If You have a Flashback of your past

You really know know how You were

and how You are today

Every nano particle on the Earth, Water, Fire and Air

molded to the New You to experience the

New path that is waiting in Your journey called Life


Maturity is a stage
where the Heart and Mind
knows what Thoughts
ought to be Spoken and not to Speak

One can never teach Anyone
to Mature
It is a trait that builds
with Time and Experience

Some understands very Young
Some never can achieve that level even Old enough
Some end up thinking that They are ALWAYS Correct!

God Sets The Appointments

There is a moment
where One happens to have little
but we still Share it with Someone
Not necessarily Special
Someone We care
See a Spark in the Young or Old Eyes
The Voice is not Pretentious nor Fake

I Share and Care
with those individuals
whom God made Me meet
they were the Ones
God wanted Me to Learn, Experience
something which I was not experiencing
It is not a Lesson that I am learning
But an Experience
which is Higher thoughts which sets me Free – Care Free

When I am surrounded by the people
whom I have known whole My Life
I cannot be Me sometimes!
I cannot be the CareFree Me
which lets Me DOWN as an Individual
in the growing process
I have many places to visit
I do not want to be bondaged
by the nickels and dimes all the time
There is the Sun to Touch
The Moon to be Explored!

One’s Heart Never Lies

Do not sulk in unhealthy relations
If Your heart knows that You are not
meant to be with this person
get out of the relation
Keep it healthy from the outside
being a friend forever
but not as a Lover
If You have committed also
Look within your own Heart
and answer the question
Are You happy with yourself being the person
Your Heart will never lie to You
You bet!