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Being An Achiever

My bit of Share
is where I Give an individual
the Space to Express his/her Thoughts withdrawn inside
Not to know (curious/inquisitive) to know what,where,how, why
More so that the individual knows why the Confusions have arise -d
how the Obstacles/Hindrances can be tactfully taken care off for The Tomorrow/Future
to reach the Peaceful position where he/she can be Peaceful with Oneself Being an Achiever.


When One feels
one is on the right path
do never change the course of the path
Some are doubting your capabilities
others diverting from your dream

Walk the path, it is your dream
not someone’s else’s

Rest many an individual will
walk the path You have chosen
for self to be able to help and support

Belief, Trust, have Faith
in Thyself and the journey!

Have An Aim and Goal

In case you have no Aim and Goal
in your Life
Think again what is that
you have being doing
in your Life
What is it that brings Smile
in your Life
what is the most appreciated
pat on your back
What is that amazing work that
brought smile and happiness
in your loved ones faces
Do you still have no Aim and Goal
in your Life
What is that one mission or vision
that you want to lead
in your Life
Get in touch with part
of your Life
which will keep your thoughts
running and you would be in
your toes
until and unless you lead and
find that Goal finished
Have you reached that Goal
then start looking for the next
Life is full of work
which needs to be touched and worked on
Get in touch with your
Inner self
Get to know your self and make yourself
available and working
on those works of Life!

Enhance Your Thoughts Only With Positivity

what gives you comfort
what gives you pleasure
what gives you assurance
what makes your every sense to
positive thoughts
Think about those thoughts when
life tries to give you a setback
try to live in those thoughts
when you feel that you are not
able to carry yourself to the next
goal post!

Tick Tock Music of The Time We Have

Get the time
which tick tocks
every second every moment
organize self
to the new lands
which we all dream of
It is not the vision
which will make us
move but the determination
and focus
which will
make the right music
with the tick tock
of time which is
running ahead of us
we can never get the
time back
but what can I do is
burn the midnight oil
and organize
to make the vision
a Success

The Good Spirits

The spirits
are the goodness
which sets us free
Let the spirits
be special
to make a wonderful
which we will remember
to bring peace, solace
to surrender to the vision
we know nothing about
set your worth, value
in the goals where
you can see yourself
as a Star
set yourself free
from the burdens and clutches
which brings nothing good
to self worth.
Value your good spirits
brush your wings
look out for the wind
which will make the fly
soar deep and fly to
be the Star.

Make Friendship With Your Enemy, Never Hate Your Enemy

Do we not feel and meet a lot of people who are so jealous of our good work or know what we are going after that they block our work bringing in obstacles and hurdles, rather then helping us out achieve the work where we can all benefit from it.

Understanding the person and taking the entity out of the ill work is very important that we are never able to do and see a person with the bad work he or she is committing. Why do these kind of people indulge in bad work is always in the minds of people who are working round the clock to make a small difference in humanity. We are all humans, we all have the ‘yin and yang’ the positivity and the negativity. But it really comes under what is the percentage in which we have the permutations and the combinations which makes us the person we are. The people who are making and building hurdles and obstacles are the people who are also working hard in their sphere to provide us with the ultimate goal of making our life deal with it so that we can analyze and use our brain and mind work to make the obstacle or the hurdle away. They are not all bad people, they become such because they are pushed and become insecure with the work that a good human is doing.

As Mahatma Gandhi has rightly said ‘Hate the sin, not the sinner’ is aptly truly the person who is doing the bad work in his mind knows nothing about that he is going to be tried in the courts of Almighty, forget about that if someone doesnot believe in that. But the bad KARMA will have the reactions as to how many years will a person who is doing the great work will not be helped out by his good KARMA. Live the life of a person who even loves the person who is a sinner. He surely intentionlly or unknowingly is doing what he considers is right or has been told is right. If the person comes with an apology accept it but remember the thin lines where one should consider again not to be fooled by them. Why be a person who hates the person who has sinned in your life. Forgive the sinner if not today just in a life time forgive and forget. The day one forgives that day the person will feel light like a FEATHER. Switch your focus to the situations where one learned because of the situations were brought to one son that one could learn from the negativity of the person. Believe me, we all are learning and experiencing everything because we are making ourselves stronger at heart, and that is the experience God wants all of us to learn in the life he brought us in this EARTH of his.

*Happy Reading*

Speaking your Mind

Speaking your mind takes a lot of Courage and the risk to be judged by a lot of persons. But should that make one not speak what is called an ‘inner voice’ within oneself which wants to be listened. What makes one fear to not risk of which makes one busy inside our little mind, till one tries to bring out the thoughts in a plain canvas one will never know that there are a lot of people who share and think alike.

Speaking one’s mind gives a lot of individuals ‘wings’ to be understood. WHY, be understood what is the difference. Difference is the motive with which an ‘idea’ will flow from one place to the other making ‘bridges’ and connecting to the world making continents look very small. Until Christopher Columbus sailed in discovering that the Earth is round, it was only his beleif which was laughed on his face, but in believing and making a discovery he proved the point which was speaking to him ‘the little voice’ within. Never shy away by not letting an opportunity slip from the hand by not speaking what is passionately drawing you to the goal, there are many people around who will help not only listen but speak the same language of the ‘inner voice’ and some of the persons will built the ‘bridge’ to connect. Listen to the ‘voice’ within it will give many ideas which will be practically possible to make a bridge to help the world a better world. We need a lot of people who have such creative and passionate ideas which are not coming across to the world because they are afraid to be not believed. Whatever keeps a mind at work is making a path to draw one to the goal to be achieved.

Understand and work to the speech with enabled words which will help one a step closer to the goal. Never under estimate the power of being passionate about your goal. Never give up, work in different ways to see the difference and count the number variables one can approach to reach the goal.

*Happy Reading*

Loving thy self

Never stop loving yourself when one is happy or sad. Nothing really matters as much you should matter to yourself! It should not be an ‘obsession’ with self but a ‘self-esteem which gets ragged in a process while dealing with day to day life. One starts to question why, what and how things are making an emphazing role in your life. Who are the people who are committed to your well being in a true spirit and who has no role to play rather being a mere passer by or a visitor which is hindering your growth.

One needs to access all levels of the mental growth which is helping the person grow in terms of individual which is making it all the more closer to the dreams. We all have dreams and destinations which is our major goal which makes our core self in which we keep meeting and making and breaking parts with the people we meet in our life. Do we need all of them is a question which God gives reason to follow so we know in due course of time. Situations do arise when we are broken down or to say shattered and scattered that we have no idea how to get the pieces in place to start searching or gathering ourselves to make a start once again. Every individual have to go through the ‘tear and wear’ phases in Life which really is the necessity to understand who we are and how we are making ourselves to reach the destination which we are going to carve for selves.

Believe me every individual in their life time has to go through this phase of break down where one can never see why things are getting broken down, so one needs only to know to -love oneself as one needs to built the castle which one has imagined, that the hope can be remembered and not forgotten with the phase one had to witness. Any individual can never miss the phase or play a hide and seek with it, it is when the time arrives and goes one should keep reminding the ‘love’ for self should be intact because the ‘criticism’ is going to be that strong and from near and dear ones that one can be teared down in not ‘believing self’ ever in Life.

Compose oneself in such a manner that nothing breaks the ‘enzymes and substrates’ that God has built you in a way so that how high or low the wind might come one can still find the home and warm self!

*Happy Reading*