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The Weight Of My Heart

Can You tell Me
what is the Weight of My Heart?
while it is beating the sounds –

Very true!
You heard it right!

Some might say Yes,
yet others might yell No.

No one can tell the weight of My Heart

It is a priceless Organ
God has put it in the Right place
To meet many an Individuals
and put the Imperfect Ones with their flaws intact
in My HEART! 😀

Cheers To Life

There are different stages for the matter of fact
The Actors hardly change
We the actors portray most of the Roles with quite ease
SO WE are better when we donot question the Script of Life
We live in the Now most of us
and prepare sometimes for the worst days
We cleverly and stunning ourselves Survive the Life
we are going to live

Aww!Awesome we Love the Life
The inhalation and exhalation of breathes
The Rhythmic music if our Heart Beat
The Smile we pass on Loved ones and Strangers

We can complain about our life’s
official and unofficial complexities
But We still want to make it a Beautiful Life

Cheers To Life

A Particular Soul

I wish I could understand
That One particular Soul
I was connected for a longer period
of my Blooming period;
I engaged my life’s Beautiful time
to the Soul who never understood
the meaning of LOVE
I wish I could understand
that Soul
how treacherous a SOUL
so devilish to betray

I really can never understand
God’s will and Game
was it really necessity for Him
to make Me meet that Evil SOUL?

Challenges Awaiting/New Experience Awaiting!!!!

Seems like I am hearing the songs
from the God’s Music station
I am just not yet sure though
is it the steps which I was waiting
for many years or are they the songs
which will make a different experience
what ever it is have to accept with
the Innocence and the Heart that
I will have to walk the path
which God wants Me
there is no other way but to always move forward
and take on the challenges he wants to see
what I do handle them

I, Surrender

I always fought
against the God’s will
thinking that waging War against Him
will bring the Destiny I always desired to have
Alas! God made sure with all his tactful Strategic ways
that I am his Puppet in his hands
So I gladly surrender to his wishes and remain peaceful and calm
when there is a war within my Mind
when there is a war within my Heart
when I cannot do nothing in the situations
situations which are beyond My Control
I know now that he check the temperature
of my Mind and Heart!

God Your Work Is Marvelous

God can you
make me look
the most beautiful creature
God can you
make me look
the most humble Human being
what is more important
being a humble human or a beautiful creature
it is a world
that you have made
you made the Amoeba to the Dodo
the Dinasaur to the Mammal
to the brain of the finest human
who lived on the earth
who walked on the Moon
Your work is marvelous