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Disposition Of Deeds

Derail a Life

see the wreckage of bolts and nuts 

of Thoughts

It seems only One Life

at the first Sight 

But series of lives connected to it

gets derailed

What is the purpose of the Disposition 

of ours 

If we cannot put the Life 

onto the Tracks 

We can always out do the deeds in a way

to set a record of Humanity & Humility

Aspire to Inspire

Aspire to Inspire

in your Unique, Genuine ways

Differentiate in your behaviour, attitude, mannerism – if may be

Be someone who can be always approached

not to be taboo-ed or thought to be fearful

Be a person of Genuine Heart

who is Influential in the matters

which makes Thee

the most sought after in

nano seconds of Your absence

in The Universe

Whats Due or Debt? Necessarily doesnot have to be materialistic! It can be an Apology or a Thanks! Which never came out Due to reasons unknown. Before anyone seriously forgets give the Gratitude whole-heartedly!

Calculating the Appreciation and Gratitude

Life has brought Me
To such a juncture
I have been calculating
What I lived for
The Values and Principles
Meant nothing for many,
But deep in Heart everyone values them
But what really has been paining Me
For awhile
Is the Gratitude & Appreciation
I showered innocently on Many
They valued my showering
Of the Gratitude & Appreciation
But alas they gave Me pain in my Dear Heart
Foe no Reasons of Mine!

Shower Gratitude To The Beloved Ones

One day I might be left
with no time
to tell the loved Ones
how much I am grateful to them
that they made My Life worthwhile
to live
To share the joys and sorrows
that they gave me a shoulder
to cry on
wiped my tears, made the wildest jokes
to make me laugh
to make hot meal when I was damn tired
to understand when I do not speak a word
to make my life a worthwhile to know
that good people do exist
and peace happiness and strength
comes from within one’s heart
Hope and Patience can be understood
when we try to encourage that in a person.
Thanks to the beloved Ones
who have made my life enjoyable always
Be it the Seasons of all Life
Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn
You make be know that
the Sun The Moon
and the Stars will always be present
and will give me strength
from all the forces
when I feel down in the sadness of My life
when I feel that I cannot
move that step.
BE Grateful and Understanding to all
the beloved Ones

Guide Yourself With Compassion And Gratitude

Give yourself the
Peace the Assurance
the guarantee and security
in midst
of the unresting world
that we are striving to survive
Do not forget Compassion and Humanity
to be what we want to be
when in the Wildness
of Jungle
when the Tigress doesnot
forget looking after the baby monkey
why should we forget
when we are given with the brains and heart
and Voice and acknowledge
the undercurrent and bring Peace
with the forces which Nature brings
in many lives
Pledge to be a better human,
if not better than the best
and try one’s best not to hurt
fellow humans and be humble
and humane; how bad the strangers
or fellow humans try to hurt
One day everyone will
be into ashes
and will be put to rest
what will remain of us
is the fondness which many will
remember of us
or the hatred people
will remember with us
So forget all the
securities and warranties
one is dealing in one’s lives
Surrender to the Nature and
work passionately and Sincerely
to whatever it is
because what
our Karma is
the deeds that we do in
each day
only defines no matter
what how many rich cloths
one wears
its the gratitude
which will make us!

Be the One

Be the one whom every one wish
to be with
be the one who is loved by many
be the one who appreciates all
be the one who gives gratitude
no matter what rises and falls
be the one who is a peace maker
be the one who can rise above pain
be the one who can be a survivour
be the one who is brave
be the one who never runs away
be the one who can live life to the fullest
Every single word is assertive
when one is committed to
positivity and has guts and grits
Nothing in life comes
without a little Risk
So let the New Year begin with no big
Resolutions and Promises
But mainly with being the individual who can
give, share the love we have
Because a Smile is infectious
Keep Smiling and people will Smile back!