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Soul + Mate

Wish my words had wings

to fill the distance

it would have hugged your Soul


let You know 

that I like you friend, always

that I love your Soul dearly 

as we happen to met in this life again

to celebrate the joy and happiness

of knowing each other’s souls.


One should always carry forward no matter how badly one is bruised, One should always shine back not pretending or acting but mean Truly, Your Smile is precious not only for you but for those who supports and cares for You always, You know always hidden in your Heart that they Love you always, Take care of the bruises and start again- You are your Sun, the Moon and the Pixie dust; dust above your head and be broom, broom, broom!

Stars In The Heaven

We all wish to know how Heaven looks like
But We never know how it actually looks likw
We hold to the Mystery to know
which We know nothing of
We have a thought surly it is the most
Beautiful place after Earth, is it?
So is it that the stars are in the Heaven too
May be We can touch them
That glittering small lights on the Sky
or vanish the moment We might touch them
We never know!

That falling Star, why do You fall?
where do You fall?
May be in Heaven You will be like
The Glowing worm having wings to hold yourself in our hands
You light up the Sky with thousands of You
You are the Coral reefs of the Sky
Without You the Sky is never Beautiful @ Nite!

Come Out Of The Hidden Curtains Of Aloofness

Where are You
hiding in the deep Ocean
Circling around Me

At times
You seem to be
A Dolphin humming a beautiful sonnet
But You scare Me very badly
when You look at my eyes
when it meets yours
You end up looking
like a Shark
who can swallow Me whole

What is the point of circling?
Beating around the bush?
Is the time not yet Ripe?
Or is that You are not sure of Me?
Do I resemble someone who will
hurt You like the ‘past tense’?
You ought to come out of the hidden curtains
to find the answers and not assume!


My Heart sees a Thousand candles
A Thousand candles You lit in My Heart
The Thought of You carries Me forward
Looking ahead with the Memories we will build

My ears hear bells ringing
with a particular sound
That sound sends Ripples in my Heart
My pulse seems to be in TUNE with the bells

I see You everywhere in front of Me
Nah! I am not INSANE
I am just Happy feeling You!

Whispering Eyes

Whispering the words
To my Love
Not my Voice My eyes
So powerful are the eyes
that it catches the glimpse
of my happiness and joy
it reads all the wishes
I wish to be the happy
to give all the happiness that
You are looking for that the
question never rises in Your mind
‘what if You leave ME’

Optimist’s Medicine

Every human is living
a life which is this Life
as we all know
why not make our life
count for the deed
that we are here to
make someone smile
why not make some one
say ‘oh! you made me
laugh so much that
I am in tears out of Joy’
‘when I see You I smile
for no reasons’
Be that reason and smile
in every human and living
beings lives
It is not easy a ‘task’ to
make anyone bring out off
the saddness and grim
but why not give that
a try
why not be the Sunshine
and the Moonlight!
At least try Once